5 Things to look for when investing in Unified Communications

Looking to invest in Unified Communications but unsure where to start? Here's everything you need to know...

Mike Mead


Unified Communications isn’t just a “nice to have” investment for most companies today.

With a market value of around $167 billion, UC is one of the most powerful tools that any organisation can invest in. The right solution combines your various communications systems together in a digital-first environment.

When more companies are beginning to connect through SMS, video, chat, and voice, UC ensures that companies can be more agile and well-connected. With the right UC system, you’re also better equipped to support excellent collaboration.

The question is, what do you need to look for in the right UC system?

1.   Scalability

The best UC systems are flexible environments that can scale and evolve to suit your business. Unlike old-fashioned communication strategies, UC solutions ensure that it’s easy to add new communication tools and seats at any time. You can scale your technology to suit your needs and ensure that you’re catering for every generation of employee.

A comprehensive UC system on the cloud ensures you can quickly and efficiently share information between teams, satisfy customer demands quickly, and replace various complex communication products with a single package designed to suit you.

2.   Flexibility

A powerful unified communication system should be flexible enough to work with any of the devices and PBX systems you already have in your organisation. Many of these leading solutions also come with the ability to integrate various other services. For instance, you can connect your unified communication platform with your contact centre services.

Aside from supporting all kinds of software and communications options, your UC system should also work seamlessly with a range of devices. In the age of remote work, your employees should be able to access business communications and collaboration services on any device, wherever they are. Leading providers can even integrate your system with your PBX system.

3.   Collaboration Features

Today’s UC solutions are increasingly offering an extra “C” in the form of collaboration. Driven by the demand for remote and hybrid work, companies are searching for solutions that keep their teams productive and efficient, wherever they are. Your UC solution should also have tools in place that support this digital teamwork.

Presence solutions allow you to see which employees are available to handle a project or task in seconds. Video calling functionality ensures that you can maintain company culture, by creating opportunities for face-to-face communication. For homeworkers, you can even set up entire profiles that ensure your staff members feel connected to the office wherever they are.

4.   Essential Functionality

Perhaps the most obvious set of features you’ll need to consider when shopping for a UC solution, are the right calling and communication features. Remote office solutions allow you to use your profile and number on any phone or device, paving the way for hybrid teams. You can also set up One Number Anywhere technology and sequential ringing to ensure you never miss a call.

The right UC solution should give you all the call management capabilities you need, from call recording for compliance and training purposes to notifications that inform professionals when a call needs to be returned to a third party. The right providers will be able to set up your PBX, improve your VoIP connections, and keep your conversations secure.

5.   Reliability and Security

Finally, a UC solution should always offer reliability and peace of mind.

A solution that’s built from the ground up to put the security and safety of your company is a must-have in today’s environment. You need to ensure that you’re routing calls correctly to comply with data regulations and that you’re storing information in the right place. High levels of controls and permissions will also ensure that nobody has unnecessary access to private information.

At the same time, your UC provider will also implement resiliency measures that allow you to maintain a reliable call quality and connection for every conversation you have. This reduces the risk of dropped calls and outages potentially damaging your brand’s reputation.

In a world where communication is the key to running a successful business, don’t take risks with UC. Contact Nice Network today to learn how we can empower your strategy.