7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an MDM Strategy

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is fast-becoming a business essential as the world adjusts to hybrid working, here's why...

Nikki Lee


As the world of work becomes increasingly dispersed and mobile, business leaders have more things to consider if they want to protect their people and their brand. It’s not enough to simply have the right firewalls and anti-virus software in your company. Today’s teams need a solution that covers every device required for employee productivity.

Mobile device management, or MDM, could be one of the most important investments any business can make in the age of remote and hybrid work. The right strategy ensures that you can manage any mobile device that has access to your company data, reducing the risk of cyber attacks such as ransomware, and data breaches.

Here are just a few of the key reasons why your business should have an MDM strategy.

1.   Compliance

All companies have rules and regulations to follow when it comes to the way they collect, process, and manage data. If an employee is using a smartphone for work, then that employee will undoubtedly need to unlock private data within the business. An unmanaged phone that contains sensitive information is more likely to be at the heart of a compliance and regulatory issue.

Tools like SOTI mobile device management allow security and compliance teams to remove sensitive data from a user’s device remotely. This reduces the impact on the business from a compliance perspective and keeps data secure.

2.   Security

The single greatest, and perhaps most obvious benefit of MDM technology is security. Unmanaged mobile devices are a huge security risk, but MDMs can control access to sensitive data, authenticate users to ensure that only the right people access certain tools, and even protect against attacks. You can prevent dangerous files from downloading into your network and wipe a phone that goes missing.

With MDM technology, you can also ensure that devices are up to date with the latest software patches and enforce security policies from a distance.

3.   Better Team Support

Access to MDM can even facilitate more efficient collaboration and productivity in the workplace. IT teams and engineers can roll out updates to software from a distance, so team members don’t have to come into the office to apply the new firmware. It’s also possible for IT professionals to troubleshoot any issues with the technology remotely, allowing for problems to be dealt with fast.

MDM also supports your workforce in embracing a more mobile and flexible working environment. When you have the right security systems in place, there’s nothing to stop your team from taking full advantage of remote working opportunities.

4.   Cost Savings

Access to MDM tools may also pave the way for bigger cost savings in the business landscape. With a security system in place, you can invest in a BYOD (Bring your Own Device) strategy for your workforce. This means that your IT budget doesn’t have to go on purchasing new products for your staff members to use.

An MDM solution that’s properly implemented can also save you time and money by ensuring that you’re protected against issues that would otherwise harm your reputation or cause expensive breaches.

5.   Policy Management

Through a tool like SOTI MDM, you can do a lot more than just deliver patches and delete dangerous files. It’s also possible to track the performance of an endpoint and examine whether employees are following policy requirements. You can see whether your team members are using secure connections to access technology on the internet and even gain an insight into the apps your people use.

SOTI technology even offers a lockdown mode, so you can restrict access from a mobile device to critical apps if you’re aware that your employee is in an area with unsecure internet connectivity.

6.   Geofencing

If you’re buying expensive mobile tools and devices for your employees to use outside of a BYOD policy, then you need to ensure that they’re using these investments correctly. The right mobile device management solution will help to enforce policies with geofencing. This could mean that you allow your user to access information when they’re within range of a certain building or safe connection, then remove that access when they exit.

If an employee loses a device, geofencing could also assist with determining the area where the phone went missing.

7.   Faster Innovation

Finally, MDM solutions are most beneficial to companies because they support better productivity and security. However, they can also help unlock the digital transformation and innovation of organisations. Software like SOTI Xtreme technology reduces the time it takes to distribute valuable data and apps to employees by up to ten times.

When you want to roll out new software for your employees, or update them with helpful technology, it can take minutes, or even seconds, rather than days and weeks. Call Nice Network today for information on how we can help you embrace the benefits of MDM.