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Our history makes us who we are, our new name shows you. We’re Nice, get to know us.

Brand-new name (previously CCS Talking Business). But the team behind Nice Network have been doing this for 32 years.

Born in Sunderland in 1986, we have been at the forefront of innovation in Telecoms Solutions. We are very proud of what we have achieved and where we have come. Supporting companies from ‘start up’ to ‘taking over’ is what spurs us on.

Reborn as Nice Network in 2018, we continue to provide expertise, unrivalled customer support, and exceptional account management to all of our customers. Our rebrand encapsulates everything we stand for: Nice by name, Nice by nature.

Some of our proudest moments (32 years of them):

  • We sold the first mobile phone in the North-East
  • Servicing world class brands and international companies, as well as helping SME’s using IT and Telecoms that surge growth
  • We are the founders of the award winning Thatcham car alarm system
  • Nice Network produced the first White Paper on Ethical IT and Telecommunications for our industry


Growing Nicely

Responding to the needs of our customers and the market, we have continued to grow and develop so that we can offer the very best solutions to you.

Starting out in vehicle security, our founders responded to the needs of the immediate community. In the 1980s, when auto crime in Sunderland was at the highest in Europe, we worked with Northumbria police and a member of the Master lock smith association to form a Trust called Sold Secure. Together, our Trust created the Thatcham car alarm system (still used today), winning the UK’ best anti-crime initiative in 1992.

This success led to an influx of new customers. One of which was American firm Coles Cranes, who brought with them an interest in the brand-new technology of mobile phones. When European VP of Coles Cranes called wanting one, no-one in the UK knew what they were. But we searched for a supplier. Our determination to meet our customers’ needs led us to sell the very first mobile phone in the North-East. And our hard work and dedication to our customers has continued.

And yes, Coles Cranes (now Manitowoc Crane Group) are still with us.

Expertly Nice

As we have grown, our expertise has grown with us. Led by our customers’ needs, we have stayed at the forefront of innovative IT and Telecoms Solutions.

We have grown organically, taking our customers’ requirements as the driving force when developing new products and solutions. Not only have we delved into new and developing markets, sourced unique solutions, and strived to create the best customer service experiences, we always offer a truly personalised experience.

Whether that means dropping off equipment personally, making sure you get the solutions needed the same day, or quick-thinking problem solving, treating every single need as our priority has secured our Nice reputation.


The future is Nice

Where industry developments lead, we follow. But only where they offer real solutions to our customers.

Looking to the future, we are expanding our knowledge and offering of IoT products and services. Making your company smart can bring quicker, smarter, safer business solutions that we can all be proud of. So our team are making sure that anything could help you becomes our bread and butter.

A new and improved focus on data reporting adds real value to your business objectives, so that we can help you make better, more value led business decisions.

And all of our new and existing solutions come with a dedicated point of contact, so you can rely on one person, who is invested in your needs, to make sure that we meet and deliver all of your technology and communication requirements.


Not just Nice by name

Making our knowledge and expertise work for our customers, employees and the local community is central to what makes us Nice.

More than just providing the best services and solutions, we strive to be the honest, ethical provider you can rely on. Our service (not price) led business strategy has created truly beneficial business relationships that stand the test of time.


We’re not just Nice, we’re excellent. But don’t just take our word for it.

Ask our customers – referrals have been the biggest growth factor in our business.

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