Why all firms need a Mobile Device Management plan

Thinking of attending #NiceMDM19 next month? If so, here's a little insight into Mobile Device Management and why all companies need an MDM plan in order to stay ahead of the curve...

Mike Mead


If you’ve ever considered letting your employees use their smartphones or tablets at work, this is the article for you. You don’t even have to be discussing a BYOD strategy to benefit from a Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan. Although, Frost and Sullivan Suggest that using personal devices at work can save employees 58 minutes per day.

Countless companies outside of the BYOD revolution still rely on mobility to empower their employees. For instance, you might have members of staff in your company that use their smartphones to stay connected to your organisation when they’re working out in the field. You may even have C-Suite executives that need to log into your network when on the move.

Mobile device management security is how you make sure that your mobile-powered employees are as safe and as protected as possible.

How does Mobile Device Management security work?

MDM is a component of a concept called “Enterprise Mobility Management.” The purpose of these plans is to optimise the security and functionality of the mobile devices in your workplace.

A mobile device management plan can differ depending on the needs of your company. For instance, here at Nice Network, we tailor all the mobile solutions that we offer to the requirements of our clients, with dedicated support and tailor-made security assistance. Some of the most common features of MDM include:

  • Data encryption enforcement
  • Password enforcement
  • Remote wiping and remote access
  • App whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Inventory and device tracking

Many of the mobile device management solutions available today don’t just cover smartphones – they also address the needs of tablets, laptops, and even IoT beacons too.

The benefits of a Mobile Device Management plan

Whether you’re dealing with company-provided devices or employee-owned phones, Nice Network can help you avoid MDM security issues. Our solutions are available for a wide-range of tools and platforms. They’re capable of reducing personal and corporate liabilities while ensuring that your network remains safe. Here are just some of the advantages that come with investing in mobile device management plans, like those on offer from Nice Network.

1.     Remote management of devices and users

Remote management is one of the biggest advantages of any mobile device management plan. This feature ensures that you can automatically disable unauthorised users and stop them from accessing private files. You can even remove specific data from your employee’s smartphone, or provide specific tools to a new device.

Remote management of users and devices also means that it’s possible for companies to easily protect against lost and stolen devices. When you can tap into a phone from a distance, you can remove access to sensitive data from lost and stolen devices.

2.     Data backup and controlled updates

If you’re concerned about losing important information on an employee’s phone, then we can help with that too.

With continued support from the Nice Network IT team, you can also make sure that your team doesn’t have any gaps in their security system, by keeping patches and software up to date. A mobile device management plan controls updates centrally to keep your team compliant.

3.     Cost savings and innovation

A mobile device management security policy means that your company can tap into the power of new tech like IoT and new strategies like remote working – without the risks. Encouraging employees to use their own devices can help to cut costs within your business. It also creates a level of trust within your organisation that can boost productivity and performance. A Cisco report found that companies that allow BYOD to save an average of £264 per year, per employee.

Even if you’re not interested in BYOD, a strategy to avoid MDM security issues is financially helpful. You can ensure that you’re not wasting money on retrieving lost files or spending time on replacing files and work that aren’t accessible on a stolen phone.

4.     Application and user control

Today, many forward-thinking companies rely on a multitude of apps to empower a productive workforce. Unfortunately, not all of the apps available online are secure. To protect your team and your clients, it’s essential to maintain control over the tools that your team members use. Mobile device management security allows for a degree of centralised control for users who need to install apps on their devices.

At Nice Network, we can even offer solutions with our MDM campaigns that help to protect you against dangerous people trying to tap into your network. Our SOTI MobiControl service with two-factor and biometric authentication takes your security strategy to the next level and helps with high-level compliance in any industry.

Learn more about MDM solutions by talking to the team at Nice Network today.