Better business connectivity will help you reach your KPIs

In the digital age, no company can afford to take chances with their connections. Fortunately, Nice Network is here to help...

Terry Lewis


Today, companies of almost every size are investing in a new kind of workforce.

Our teams today span the globe, thanks to the rising demand for freelance and remote workers. These flexible workforces can encourage greater productivity and ensure that there’s always someone available to serve your clients. However, they also come with new challenges in connectivity too.

Business connectivity is one of the most crucial considerations for any business. It’s part of the essential fabric that joins your team together and keeps you ahead of the competition. Done correctly, connectivity can take your organisation to new heights. Unfortunately, if you fail to meet your connectivity KPIs, you could struggle to attract and retain your customers.

Business connectivity services and the changing landscape

Remember when all you needed to be a forward-thinking business was a website and corporate email address? Today’s companies need so much more.

The growth of mobile technology means that connectivity is taking on new considerations. You not only need to think about how your customers can reach you online, but also how your employees can access the tools and programmes they need to thrive, regardless of where they are.

Remember, 50% of the UK workforce is set to be working remotely by next year (2020).

So, how do you stay ahead of the curve?

Simple, with a team like Nice Network, you can ensure that your business is ready for anything. We deliver secure and reliable connectivity services that continue to provide quality, no matter what your organisation needs.

We can even help you take your company to the next level with mobile device management solutions, and ongoing out-of-hours maintenance.

The benefits of business connectivity for better KPIs

Achieving excellent business connectivity isn’t just about keeping up with the competition.

Today’s companies rely on their connections to help them accomplish crucial business goals. For instance, you can’t answer your customer’s queries on social media if you can’t stay connected. Nor can your mobile employees log into their tools from a distance without the right MDM network strategy.

Investing in high-quality connectivity means you can benefit from:

  • A stronger brand reputation (High-quality connections make your business look more professional)
  • Better speed for your relationships with reduced latency on cloud and VoIP experiences.
  • Access to new opportunities: With strong connectivity, your teams can access your systems when on-the-go through MDM technology.

Let’s look at some of the opportunities available with better business connectivity.

1.     Access new technologies

If you want to unlock the latest disruptive technology for your business, then you need great connectivity. For instance, here at Nice Network, we can help modern companies to discover the benefits of IoT when it comes to scaling their company with new applications and solutions. For instance, you could set up sensors around your brick-and-mortar business that show you where your customers linger the longest, so you know where to set up your sales promotions.

However, to access these new features, you need a high level of connectivity. IoT demands a secure network so that devices can continuously communicate with each other. Investing in state-of-the-art business connectivity services gives you more ways to outshine the competition.

2.     Keep up with employee needs

Today’s staff members rely on more technology than ever before to help them compete in an ever-changing environment. Connectivity affects everything from the strength of their VoIP call experiences, to the performance of their meeting and collaboration tools. No-one wants to have to sit around waiting for a lagging connection to catch up with them at work.

To keep up with your connectivity KPIs, you need a strategy that helps you to keep up with the needs of your workers. A team like Nice Network can go through your requirements with you step by step – helping you find the bottlenecks in your system that might be stopping your team from reaching their real potential.

3.     Better serve your customers

Finally, whether you like it or not, it’s fair to say that your customers probably call the shots for your company. These days, clients expect more efficient sales processes, a faster response time, and simpler customer service. If you’re going to deliver on all of those things, the first thing you need is excellent business connectivity.

Whether you’re delivering service via instant messaging, email, VoIP, phone or social media, connectivity is how you can ensure that you’re managing a consistent flow of communication between your consumers and your brand. The more you can rely on your connectivity services to keep your crucial discussions up and running, the better off your business will be.

In the digital age, no company can afford to take chances with their connections. Fortunately, Nice Network is here to help. Contact us today for advice and support in reaching your connectivity KPIs.