Business ADSL vs Home ADSL; Which Do I Need?

Home ADSL is better than ever, but is it acceptable to purchase a home ADSL connection for business? Or is business ADSL a given?

Rob Stevens


When choosing a new broadband connection, you don’t always need premium grade internet connectivity. Often, small businesses are more suited to a simple ADSL connection. The question then becomes: which type of ADSL internet do you need? It’s often tricky to find the subtle differences between home broadband and business broadband. Because of this, justifying paying for a business connection becomes harder, and the allure of paying for a home broadband connection kicks in.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of each type of connection, and when you should choose a home ADSL connection over business connection.

ADSL For Home

Through technical advances and an increasing demand for the very best services, the connection you can receive at home is better than ever. It’s far easier to stream films, upload photos and download music than it was previously due to faster speeds and improved technology. Whilst ADSL is great for personal use, the improvements in home ADSL also has major plus points for business use.

The requirement for flexible and remote working is recognised by industry experts as boosting teams across all industries. From the moral factor and lower staff attrition of not having to commute every day, to the productivity gains and talent attraction factor, remote working is a no-brainer.

Remote working, and home working in particular, have only been able to gain as much traction due to the improved home broadband packages – you can now get speeds of up to 100MBps for a little as £30 a month. This is great for freelancers, parents on maternity or paternity leave and staff that work better outside of an office environment. The ability to instantly access business critical apps is one thing, the ability to access these apps securely and without needing to connect via VPN, and wait an age for everything download and fall into place is even better.

Working from home has fully lost it’s stigma of being unproductive because bandwidth, accessibility and reliability is better than ever in home ADSL.

ADSL For Business

The major consideration when looking at ADSL for business is speed. Dependent on your requirements, you can purchase a connection from 10MBps to 10GBps. When considering business ASDL, it’s likely that you’ve already decided that dedicated internet is more than you need. With business ADSL, you can achieve the speeds you require to run your business apps and programs, without overpaying.

For businesses, however, speed is not the only deciding factor. Security and reliability are key factors when running a business so why should your business broadband be any different? If your service goes down, your business needs a guarantee that the service will be up and running within a certain amount of time. Your contractual position needs to be one where you will be compensated accordingly if that agreement is broken. Unlike in your home life, you can’t just come back to what you are doing later on.

Business ADSL vs Home ADSL

With some providers’ terms and conditions, running a business on a home ADSL is strictly forbidden. This eliminates the possibility of choosing home ADSL for your business. For those that don’t, it is still tempting to choose the cheaper option.

When compared side by side, both business ADSL and home ADSL have their benefits, but, home ADSL for business usage is not without it’s flaws. Ultimately, if you need to purchase a new broadband connection for your business, it needs to be business ADSL. The pros of a guaranteed service, faster speeds and customer support justify the higher cost. Plus, if the service, does break, you need to notify and troubleshoot your connectivity problem. Customer support in broadband providers is usually prioritised for business customers. Rather than holding on for days to get your broadband fault resolved, you could have an engineer out to resolve the issue within the parameters of your business contract.

Though it is tempting to choose your ADSL based in price, for business use it is never advised to make a decision based solely on cost.

Putting a business broadband package together for you is simple. Our experts can aid you in choosing the right speeds, service levels and customer support options in minutes. For a consultation, fill in your contact details or give us a call to get set up on 0191 511 1000.