Business Benefits of Social WiFi

When reviewing Social WiFi, customer experience is key. But the business benefits are easily achieved, as the following post highlights...

Richard Weddle


When selecting a social WiFi solution, naturally the customer experience is first priority.  Critical to any social WiFi deployment is making the journey from WiFi access to the customer as seamless as possible. The good news is that most social WiFi solutions provide this relatively easily.

If you are looking at social WiFi for your customers, you may not be aware of the secondary, but more powerful, aspect we see every day. There is a raft of hidden business benefits that often get forgotten and never used.  Lets take a look at these simple yet powerful add-ons you should be taking advantage of with your social WiFi solution.

Social Marketing

When a customer logs into your social WiFi hotspot, you can prompt a tweet, Facebook post or email share to let the customer’s audience know where they are working or shopping today. This free marketing tool is critical to extending the awareness of your products or services where people are most active. One click grants you access to potentially thousands of new customers.

Promote Offers

Make sure the first thing your customer sees is your splash page full of unique content. Just because they are in your shop, that doesn’t mean they are familiar with your website. It’s highly unlikely that a customer will leave a shop and then think about checking your website.

Once you have their attention, you can offer a discount for making a purchase the next time they come in and use the WiFi. You could promote your latest event that the customer may not know about or inform them about other places of interest nearby that you may have partnered with.

Gain Customer Insights

By providing login information, the customer has given you secure access to certain data. You can leverage this customer data to begin to understand who your customers really are. This will enable you to provide them with a customised marketing experience, tailored to their preferences and behaviours. Every user will be different so you can utilise social WiFi tools to build customer profiles and personas. If you know what your customers want to buy, they are more likely to buy it.

Usage statistics give you an insight into how long customers stay in your WiFi hotspot. The longer someone stays in your WiFi hotspot, the more likely they are to come back and the more likely they are to make a purchase. You can tailor experiences to pop up with different offers at intervals during their visit.

Gathering Reviews

Before, during or after use of the WiFi, you can prompt a customer to give feedback on their experience today. Either through star ratings, online surveys or social media, a great review is free marketing for your business. Using the power of your social WiFi hotspot, you can spread the word about your latest releases or deals. For example, a customer may have told their family that they are going on a business trip, but now their entire Facebook family knows which hotel they are staying in and how great the WiFi (and maybe the food, shower and bedroom) is.


Getting the guest WiFi experience right for the customer will always be priority. If your guest WiFi doesn’t work first time, users are unlikely to try it a second time. By then, they have probably found an alternative, more reliable connection. Once this element of customer experience is cracked, it’s important to recognise the doors that could open in your business. By simply using the built-in tools that social WiFi comes with, you can start leveraging free marketing and analytics to keep your customers coming back and start referring new ones.