How to choose a business phone solution

Choosing a business phone solution often takes longer than it should. There are so many to choose from, and all sorts to look out for. Help is here.

Rob Stevens


Choosing a new business phone solution used to be easy, you could simply have a local telephone company set you up with the business equivalent of your home line. Fast-forward twenty years and some companies are still in the same situation. In fact, many companies either don’t realise their need to move to a newer business phone or they don’t know what modern VoIP business phones can enable.

Our insightful guide will provide you with some important factors and tips for when it comes to choosing the best business phone system in the modern market.

Define What You Need

With all the choice available today, addressing your business phone service goes much further than business phone plans. The first thing you need to do is consider what your needs are and what you would change about your current setup. For example, instead of an entirely new setup it could be that you simply need an on-premises PBX replacement. Small businesses without a great amount of knowledge can get by with just using the phone as a means of communication.

The next step is those businesses with mobile workforces. For companies that have employees that may be on the go (for examples sales professionals) it is no longer acceptable to purchase a fixed phone system that doesn’t enable mobility. If your employees leave the office and need to stay connected, your next business phone solution needs to include a mobile app, or find me follow me functionality – as a minimum.

The final tier is those businesses that need constant collaboration. When the telephone is no longer the sole means of communication in business, a business phone solution needs to incorporate much more than telephone functionality. Here, we are looking at Unified Comms solutions rather than basic telephony. The idea of bringing together all forms or real time and non-real time communications is a very real challenge in mid to large businesses.

Embrace The Cloud

Cloud technology is now adopted enough to be considered mature and cloud telephony follows the same suit. With vendors, small to large, providing various forms of cloud telephony, it’s important to both adopt the cloud and to find the right cloud telephony provider that suits your business.

When moving to the cloud, it’s crucial to leverage your existing investments. This could be something as small as reusing existing handsets to save on the cost of replacing your current handsets. However, you have to make sure this isn’t detrimental to the productivity gains you could be receiving from your new business phone solution.

If you have invested in expensive network infrastructure or video conferencing, you must look to find a vendor that can support and integrate into these technologies. Purchasing a new business phone solution is more than an expense for new kit – it’s about making your previous investments do more.

Make The Pros Outweigh The Cons

The cons associated with moving to anything new will never go away. First of all, there is a new cost introduced which must be accounted for and needs approval. Once the costs are approved, there is the time and resource associated with finding the right solution. Then, when you’ve find the right product, the rest of your business has to learn the new ins and outs of the equipment and interfaces.

When stacked up against the pros of most cloud technologies (cloud telephony in particular) these cons look irrelevant. It’s easy to think negatively when replacing a phone system until you fully understand the true benefits of making the leap to cloud telephony.

Understand Business Benefit

Included below are just a few of the more business related productivity benefits that implementing the best business phone solution for your business will drive:

  • Users no longer need to waste time calling colleagues and leaving voicemails
  • Time isn’t wasted emailing documents and creating new versions over and over as more people have input to the project
  • Meetings become efficient, with content sharing being the central point rather than the conference phone
  • Video conferencing saves time commuting between meetings that could be either end of the country

Once you’ve got to grips with what you truly need, are fully ready to embrace the cloud and have uncovered the genuine business benefits of cloud telephony, you are ready to make the next step. When you are in a position to choose a business phone solution, get in touch. We have a range of phone solutions that can easily be tailored to meet you needs. Contact us to setup a call and we’ll take care of the rest.






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