Could screen protectors improve mobile phone privacy?

There’s more to staying safe in today’s digital environment than downloading the right firewalls and anti-virus tools. Here's how you can keep prying eyes off your data...

Andrew Bentley


The world as we know it is becoming increasingly mobile.

Experts predict that around 72.6% of internet users will access the web through their smartphones exclusively by 2025. At the same time, trends like BYOD and mobile working are bringing more mobile devices than ever before into the workforce.

While a mobile landscape offers unique benefits to today’s teams, giving employees more freedom and flexibility to work with, there are challenges to consider too. For instance, business leaders and IT teams will need to think about how they can secure and protect the devices that their teams use.

While MDM (Mobile Device Management) and Enterprise Mobility Management tools are a common consideration, there are other options to think about too, including privacy screen protectors.

What is a privacy screen protector?

For years, companies have looked at things like VoIP fraud and cybersecurity attacks when building privacy strategies for their business. However, it’s important to note the threat of things like “visual hacking” too. You’ll know all about visual hacking if you’ve ever had someone try to find your pin code for your credit card, for instance, by peering over your shoulder while you use it.

Today, our smartphones contain a lot more information than they used to. People are using their devices everywhere they go, leaving the content on their screens largely exposed. Teams that access crucial information like payroll data and sensitive project pages on their smartphones are making valuable data available to everyone around them.

Fortunately, privacy screen protectors like the Panzer privacy screen protector can help with this. These protective screens shield the content of your phone from the people around you. Basically, this means that no-one around you can see what you’re typing, or what you’re working with.

How do privacy screen protectors work?

Privacy screen protectors keep your phone screen information hidden. There’s a special filter in these screen protectors that separate them from their typically screen protector counterparts. While a basic screen protector will defend mobile devices when they’re dropped or knocked, reducing the risk of broken glass, privacy protects take this defense to the next level.

The unique filter in your privacy screen protector works with light to ensure that your content is only visible when you’re looking directly at it. When someone tries to sneak a look at your screen from over your shoulder, they’ll see nothing but a black screen. It’s a bit like having privacy glass on your car windows. You can see out to the information that you need, but other people can’t see in.

For a while now, privacy screen protectors have offered value to the consumer world, allowing people to browse freely without the threat of being watched. However, in the business environment, these tools could be essential to your mobile strategy. Your mobile device management services allow you to remotely delete and restrict content on your employees’ phones. Alternatively, your privacy screen protectors will stop other people from seeing the content that they can access.

Privacy screens are effective but simple ways of keeping strangers, malicious individuals, and anyone else who might pass by from seeing what’s going on with your tablet or phone. You can even get the same special filter for your laptops and tablets too.

Keep prying eyes out of your business

In an age where remote and mobile working is growing increasingly popular, simple devices like the Panzer privacy protect could be an excellent business investment. By blocking people from looking at your phone when they’re examining it from a side angle, this screen ensures that your team members can work anywhere, without worrying about compromised privacy.

Leading privacy screen protectors also come with extra features that can be beneficial to your employees too, such as:

  • The anti-glare coating that makes it easier to read documents, emails, and files when in direct sunlight. This means that mobile employees get fewer headaches when working.
  • Blue light reduction technology that protects the eyes of employees that frequently use their phone – particularly during the night. Blue light protection can even help your team members to sleep better each night.
  • Device protection to keep your screen safe. Aside from their unique anti-privacy filters, screen protectors like the privacy screen from Panzer also feature the same protective features you get from a standard screen protector. That means that you can keep your employee devices and mobile phones protected.

There’s more to staying safe in today’s digital environment than downloading the right firewalls and anti-virus tools. Keep prying eyes off your data.