How to choose a dedicated service provider

Looking for a dedicated service provider? Check out these guidelines to follow before making your decision.

Nikki Lee


Choosing to move to a dedicated service provider is one thing, choosing which dedicated service provider to move to is a whole different ballgame. According to Forbes, 64% of IT leaders predict they will buy cloud management platforms from service providers and 66% of IT leaders plan to adopt and deploy hosted private clouds.

57% of IT leaders expect to partner with dedicated service providers for both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud initiatives while 31% of global IT leaders plan on focusing on just a single cloud environment over the next two years

These stats reveal a surge in demand for dedicated services. So, now you’ve decided that a dedicated service provider is for you, you need to know how to choose a dedicated service provider. Our handy guide will walk you through some of the services available and how to differentiate the providers in the market.

Which dedicated services do you need?

When choosing a new dedicated service provider, it’s important to thoroughly capture and understand your requirements. There’s a wealth of services available from a number of providers so ensuring you know what you will need (and will need in the future) is crucial.

Dedicated hosting: A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of internet hosting where you have access to an entire server rather than shared access with other clients or services. This could be simply for web hosting or to provide private access to business critical apps like Sage or Skype for Business.

Dedicated internet: Like dedicated hosting, dedicated internet access (DIA) is a private internet connection solely used by your business. You will benefit from from guaranteed upload and download speeds and a completely unique service.

How cloud ready are you?

Dependent on your appetite for cloud services, the search can be narrowed down further. If you are consuming or thinking about buying VoIP or Unified Comms, niche providers offer a portfolio that covers more than one service. The key is finding the provider that can do more than simply provide these services to you.

If you find a service provider that provides your hosting, internet and Unified Comms, make sure they are interconnected. Does the Unified Comms platform utilise the network components that you are using? Is the voice traffic intelligently routed over your own dedicated internet? Does the service provider have interconnects with the major carriers? Answering these questions should leave you with a few positive outcomes to help you shortlist.

Managed service or self-administration?

The attraction of choosing is dedicated service provider usually comes with a fully managed service option. The idea of leaving the experts to maintain and manage your solution is ideal for small to medium businesses that do not warrant in-house resource. When selecting a dedicated service provider, it is important to identify the lines of responsibility. What is covered by the service provider and what is the responsibility of you as the customer?

As standard, you would expect a dedicated service provider to run a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC), or at least provide support services around the clock. Some providers do not require their own NOC if they have a support team that leverages the NOC of the carrier. This is common when tier one carriers do not sell directly to customers, but operate through a channel model.

The flip side to this is when you do have in-house support, in this case, a fully managed service is not required nor financially viable. Access to monitoring and support portals is vital for the business that wishes to self-manage their dedicated services.

How to choose a dedicated service provider

Ultimately, the choice is yours. There will be human elements to choosing your dedicated service provider, and relationships are crucial in business. When you are going through the process of shortlisting vendors from many to a select few, do utilise the points highlighted here. If nothing else, they will provide a gap analysis for the service providers that don’t suit your requirements. Once you identify the gaps, choosing the best dedicated service provider is a whole lot easier.

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