Does bad connectivity cost your company money?

Is unreliable internet causing problems for your workforce? If so, here's how it could be affecting your wider business...

Gary Luther


Unreliable internet causing problems for your workforce?

Bad business connectivity often leads to more than just unhappy employees. After all, you rely on the internet for many crucial processes in your organisation. From answering calls on Voice over IP (VoIP) to completing vital projects with cloud-based software – all organisations need to be online.

Many companies know how important it can be to invest in connectivity solutions these days. That’s why there are countless CCaaS, UCaaS, and cloud providers out there that advertise their up-time and quality of service.

However, if you’re still not sure why it pays to invest in better connectivity, we’re here to educate you.

Here are some of the main ways that bad business connectivity costs your organisation money.

1.     Poor response times

By 2024, the global VoIP market is expected to be worth around £71,531 million. As the workplace grows increasingly global, companies need a cheaper way to connect with employees and customers no matter where they are. VoIP allows for this, by connecting calls through the internet, rather than relying on standard public switches.

The only caveat? You need a reliable connection to deliver excellent experiences over VoIP. If your connectivity is sub-par, then you’ll suffer from lagging calls, latency, and even dropped connections. You can imagine how unhappy your customers will be when they call you with a concern about their product, only to have their call cut off halfway through the conversation. Discussions like that frequently lead to client churn and lost cash in your profit margins.

2.     Limited productivity

A SanDisk study found that slow internet speeds can cost employees about a week in productivity each year. When your network is limited, or you don’t have enough bandwidth to handle all the programmes you run each day, the workplace starts to run at a much slower rate. Here ate Nice Network, we don’t know what we’d do without fast internet to keep our systems up and running.

Today, your employees rely on the internet for everything from collaborating with their coworkers on projects, to completing essential tasks. It’s shocking how much of a business runs online. A lack of connectivity means that your business production falls behind the levels of your competition. On the other hand, digitally transformative solutions from a business like Nice Network makes it easier to access streamlined and agile employees.

3.     Poor data management

You know that data makes the world go around, but do you know how important it is to keep your information secure and protected online? These days, an increasing number of companies are turning to the cloud to back up their data in case of disasters in and around their business. Here at Nice Network, we offer automatic backup solutions to ensure that you never lose track of the information that keeps your company running smoothly.

However, even with automatic backups, you need a good connection to send your data routinely back and forth between the cloud. Fail to maintain that connection and your backups may go unsaved. Not only that, but the employees that rely on access to the latest data to complete their projects may be unable to find the information that they need. Remember, around 87% of enterprises today trust the cloud with at least one of their mission-critical workloads. Unfortunately, a cloud isn’t much good if you can’t access it.

4.     Missed opportunities

The internet is responsible for many of the most disruptive technologies in the world today. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, and even the internet of things wouldn’t be possible without access to a reliable connection. Machine learning algorithms rely on a constant connection to the internet so that they can fuel their intelligent business decisions. Sensors connected to the Internet of Things that provide your business with valuable information can’t send messages without an avenue through the cloud.

If you don’t have the right connectivity to drive digital transformation in your business, then no other part of your business productivity strategies or evolutionary ideas will work. Unreliable internet breaks the foundation for business growth and leaves you stagnant while your competitors continue to surge ahead.

Ready to fix bad business connectivity?

Studies by Deloitte show that there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection in today’s digital world. Employees cite unreliable internet as one of the biggest reasons that they feel unhappy at work.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for companies on a budget to tell themselves that they can cut corners with “basic connectivity” to save on costs. The truth is that if there’s one thing you can’t afford to be stingy with, it’s your internet. Connectivity is at the heart of everything that a company does today, from communicating with customers to collaborating with coworkers.

Investing in secure and reliable connectivity is how you set your organisation up for long term growth. With Nice Network, you’ll get a bespoke connectivity solution tailored to suit your business. Whatever you need, we’ll create a solution that enhances company performance and keeps frustration to a minimum.

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