The business benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams improves collaboration and productivity by creating a digital workspace where staff can chat, meet, share files, and work collaboratively...

Gary Luther


The world of work is changing.

Through technology such as smart Wi-Fi, IoT, 5G, and AI, we’re constantly discovering new ways to make employees more engaged, efficient, and productive. With the latest tools, you can access content faster, speak to your colleagues easier, and accomplish more on the move.

Let’s face it – digital transformation is paying off.

One of the companies that is leading the way in this workplace revolution is Microsoft.

Best known for its handy selection of office productivity tools, Microsoft has ramped up its service offering in recent years to include Microsoft Teams – the leading app for enterprise collaboration.

With over 13 million users, Microsoft Teams is blowing other collaboration apps like Cisco Webex Teams and Slack out of the water. The question is, how does a tool like this actually make your teams more valuable?

What is Microsoft Teams?

Firstly, to understand the benefits of something like Microsoft Teams, you need to know what it does.

At its core, Microsoft Teams is a hub of teamwork and collaboration. It’s a must-have for companies searching for the freedom and flexibility of a modern workplace. With Teams, you don’t have to wait around for an email from a colleague to progress to the next stage in your project.

Employees can collaborate on ideas in real-time, using Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also send instant messages using a threaded chat system or accelerate a one-on-one conversation into a video or audio call.

Microsoft Teams gives you a central location where you can access all of the tools you need for communication and teamwork. Thanks to the arrival of Microsoft Teams Business Phone – that even includes the option for cloud-based telephony too!

As teams become increasingly dispersed and globalised, the Microsoft Teams environment ensures that your employees can enjoy all the collaborative benefits of being face-to-face with their colleagues – even when they’re spread halfway around the world.

Microsoft Teams syncs with Outlook perfectly to improve collaboration

Features include:

  • Instant messaging: Group conversations and direct messages (1:1)
  • Video and voice calls at the click of a button
  • In-depth integration with the Office 365 portfolio of products
  • Gifs and emojis for custom conversations
  • Business telephony through direct routing or calling plans
  • Integrations with third-party apps
  • File sharing and screen sharing

You can sign up for free if you’re a small business with limited feature needs. Alternatively, you can pay for a premium version of Microsoft Teams and get everything you need for a scalable collaborative culture. What’s more, unlike other enterprise messaging tools, Microsoft Teams comes with end-to-end security, administrative control, and encryption. That means you can rest assured that your company’s private messages stay private.

What are its benefits?

Microsoft Teams is far from the only collaboration tool on the market today.

There’s a host of competitors out there, ranging from RingCentral Glip to Cisco Webex and beyond. However, no other solution compares to Microsoft when it comes to offering the complete all-in-one solution for communication.

Microsoft separates itself from its competitors with a unique approach to enterprise security, innovation, and simplicity. What’s more, it is the only tool that comes with in-depth integration to the Microsoft Office 365 portfolio of productivity products.

If, like many companies, you already use tools like Microsoft Outlook, Word, or Excel, then updating your communication stack with Microsoft Teams just makes sense. Imagine having the freedom to launch an instant message, video call, or conversation from your Microsoft Word document. Think of how easy it would be to start a call from inside of your Outlook email client. That’s the kind of simplicity that Microsoft Teams offers.

Microsoft Teams syncs with Outlook perfectly to improve collaboration

Microsoft Teams is all about giving your business employees everything they need to communicate more efficiently in any landscape. That means that every kind of worker, from the executives in your C-Suite to your frontline staff get the opportunity to contribute to the company conversation. It also ensures that you have a single environment to maintain when it comes to protecting and securing your conversations.

That’s sure to be a huge bonus for your IT team.

According to the Total Economic Impact Study for Microsoft Teams, some of the biggest benefits of using Microsoft Teams for your workplace include:

  • Increasing employee productivity: Help your team members communicate whenever and however they choose. Microsoft Teams works on any device, and it comes with access to chat, email, video, and audio conferencing. You can even get dial-in numbers for people without an internet connection.
  • Improved employee collaboration: A team that can communicate freely can work more efficiently. Additionally, having a central environment where information and documents are shared will allow you to build a central repository for all of your business knowledge. This makes it much easier for team members to track down useful information.
  • Increased opportunity for innovation: With Microsoft Teams allowing team members to stay connected all the time, ideas and innovation can flow freely. You can even connect with people across the globe and take advantage of the talents of different employees around the world.

In a nut shell, Microsoft Teams can save you time and money, by ensuring that you don’t have to invest in multiple different tools, from video conferencing services to instant messaging solutions. Instead, you get a single all-in-one environment for communication.

How Microsoft Teams improves productivity: A case study

Here at Nice Network, we’ve witnessed first-hand how the right collaboration hub can transform a business. Implementing Microsoft Teams into the business landscape for one of our customers helped streamline their internal communications, leading to a range of benefits, such as:

  • Improved company culture: A selection of new ways to communicate helped to strengthen the bonds between members of the team. This allowed for better engagement and satisfaction in the workforce. Employees reported that they were 42% happier with company processes after six months of using Microsoft Teams.
  • New expansion opportunities: The implementation of a cloud-based communication environment also meant it was easier for the company to employ remote workers. This made it easier for the firm to tap into the unique skills it needed to expand its global footprint.
  • Easier data management: Microsoft Teams created a central repository for company data, making it easier for employees to track down important information about co-workers, customers, and projects up to 63% faster. It also meant that the IT team had fewer locations to worry about when securing data and protecting against breaches.
  • Increased flexibility: Employees were able to start embracing remote work and mobile working days, without having to compromise on conversations with their colleagues. This allowed for a more flexible workforce and a boost in overall productivity. Team members also reported better wellbeing.
  • Improved efficiency: Because employees had a single place for all of their internal conversations and teamwork, tasks were completed much faster. The team reported a 31% higher chance of meeting deadlines after implementing Microsoft Teams.
  • Quicker problem resolution: Giving team members an accessible place where they could communicate with other employees about customer queries led to increased customer satisfaction.

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Teams

While a tool like Microsoft Teams won’t necessarily be the magic cure to all of your communication and collaboration problems – it’s a great step in the right direction. By providing team members with a convenient way to connect with their colleagues – wherever they are, companies can benefit from a much more productive and efficient workplace.

Microsoft Teams brings everything that a business needs for knowledge sharing and teamwork into the same environment, while simultaneously unlocking the benefits of the cloud. With a tool like this, companies can employ more talent from overseas, cut down on the number of business trips taken within the company, and enhance the overall satisfaction of their workforce.

Could Microsoft Teams be the perfect new addition to your list of must-have business essentials?

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