How Teams Talk Can Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Tools like Teams Talk from Nice Network could be the perfect way to help your business digitally transform, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Mike Mead


There’s more to running a successful business these days than just making sure you have a great product. Today’s consumers care more about the reputation of the businesses that they align themselves with than ever before. Millennials, one of the generations with the most buying power, are now in search of environmentally-friendly brands with the lowest carbon footprint.

Many of today’s buyers have grown up in a progressive world where economic disruption is everywhere. The youngest generations don’t want to contribute to a world damaged by pollution and waste. We have a finite amount of resources on the planet, and consumers believe that every organisation should be doing their part to protect the world we live in.

Tools like Teams Talk from Nice Network could be the perfect way to help your business digitally transform, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

What is Teams Talk?

To understand how a tool like Teams Talk can improve your carbon footprint, we’ll need to cover some basics. First, you need to know what Teams Talk is. Teams Talk builds on the incredible productivity and efficiency advantages of Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams, colleagues can stay connected whenever and wherever they choose, through video and audio conferencing, chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. The only thing missing is the telephony part of your communication mix.

That’s why Nice Network stepped in to bridge the gap. Teams Talk is the solution that combines your Microsoft Teams collaboration experience with your business PBX, so you can have a true unified communication experience.

With Teams Talk, businesses can combine their telephony systems with the solutions that their employees use everyday to collaborate and communicate through the cloud.

With Teams Talk, a dedicated solution for cloud telephony, we’ve created an environment where employees can access all of the communication and collaboration tools they need in the same landscape. This means less time wasted jumping between applications and tools.

How does Teams Talk impact carbon footprint?

For companies who aren’t sure, your carbon footprint refers to the impact your business has on the environment. A carbon footprint is the total environment influence of all the carbon emissions you create. Everything you do, from accessing servers in your network, to running your office, has an environmental price to pay.

So, how can Teams Talk assist with this? Essentially, it combines your UC and collaboration environment, so you can create a more flexible workforce. With Teams Talk, you take the essential tools for business communication and collaboration your employees use every day into the cloud. This means that employees don’t necessarily need to be in the office to access them.

Tools like Teams Talk open the door to a more flexible remote or hybrid workforce. Not only does this lead to benefits in the form of improved productivity and engagement from employees, but it’s also great for the environment too. Benefits include:

  • Reduced emissions from the daily commute: The daily commute to and from work around the world contributes to around 98% of employee-related carbon footprint. With Teams Talk, employees can use their home as their office, instead, which means less driving necessary. Even people who prefer to work from local coworking spaces will often choose locations closer to home than the standard office.
  • Less need for office space: Some smaller companies with access to solutions like Microsoft Teams and Teams Talk can eliminate the need for an office altogether. Office space in any form generates a ton of carbon dioxide waste from all the heating, electricity, and other demands to keep people up and running. More remote working solutions mean that there’s no need for a physical office space at all.
  • Minimal data centre energy: There are other aspects of running an office that can be difficult to calculate. For instance, if you’re a software-as-a-service company, your major expenditure in energy will be storing a large amount of data to power your services. Data centres consume a lot of electricity on an annual basis. However, because remote companies don’t have a physical location, they’re more likely to use a cloud which has a smaller carbon footprint than an on-premise server. Cloud allows companies to use less than a quarter of the server power than they would on-premise.

Exploring a new style of work

In 2020, as more companies naturally made the switch to remote and mobile working following the COVID-19 outbreak, many are recognising just how effective this strategy can be for reducing carbon emissions. Remote work has long stood out as a valuable way for business leaders to improve productivity in the workplace and reduce costs.

Now, we’re seeing that the demand for remote work doesn’t just come from employees who want to have more work/life balance. It could be that switching to a remote working landscape helps us to save the planet and strengthen the resources we have.

Tools like Teams Talk help companies make the switch to a cloud-focused environment, where remote working is more accessible, no matter what kind of business you run. With Teams Talk, companies could even reduce eWaste, by allowing employees to use their own devices and technology from home.

When employees can use their preferred devices, in an environment where they feel most comfortable, they’re more likely to feel as efficient and productive as possible. There’s no new technology to learn, and no worries about adding to the landfills every time a device needs to be updated and replaced.

Here at Nice Network, we’re already working with companies to implement various solutions for reduced carbon emissions and e-waste issues.

Make your teams more carbon neutral

In a world where there’s more competition for companies than ever before, it’s important to find a way that you can connect with your customers on a deeper level. Improving your commitment to ridding your business of e-waste and carbon emissions is an excellent first start.

Showing that you’re willing to reduce your carbon emissions proves that you’re committed to making the world a better place – not just making a profit. That’s something that speaks to the customers of the modern world in both the B2B and B2C landscape.

Teams Talk opens the door to a more immersive remote working experience, where companies can connect and support their employees in any landscape. With Teams Talk, you don’t have to worry about the switch to remote or hybrid work reducing your business productivity or efficiency levels. Instead, you can harness all the benefits of getting out of the office, with none of the negatives.

To learn more about how you can use tools like Teams Talk in your strategy for reduced carbon emissions, contact the Nice Network team today. Together, we’ll help your business to achieve it’s carbon neutral status!