How to compare your shortlist of UK telecom companies

With so many options on the market today, choosing the right telecoms provider comes down to being well informed. This quick guide has everything you need to know...

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In today’s increasingly connected world, your telecoms strategy plays an essential role in the growth and maintenance of your operations. Just think of all the ways that you interact with colleagues and customers daily. Without the right Telecoms provider, you’d struggle to keep those crucial conversations going.

With so many options on the market today, choosing the right carrier comes down to being well informed. The more you know about your company’s needs and the telecommunications companies on your shortlist, the more confident your decision becomes.

Step 1: Know your needs

Before you can begin comparing telecoms providers, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. What’s your goal with switching to a new communications solution? Do you want to prepare yourself for life on the cloud? Increase the scalability of your current strategy? Maybe you just want to improve audio quality in your calls.

Ask yourself:

  • What kind of technology am I looking for now, and in the future?
  • Do I want my communication strategy to be on-premise or in the cloud?
  • Do I need my telecoms provider to be local?
  • How many users do I need to serve with my new solution?
  • What kind of support will I need to reach my goals?

Step 2: Reach out to telecoms carriers

With your list of needs in-hand, you’ll be able to create a list of UK telecom companies that offer the support you need. The next step in comparing your options is connecting with each provider, either over the phone or in-person.

During these conversations, you can check that the communications provider you’ve chosen really does provide the tech and features you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to test out their customer service strategy first hand. Consider which of your chosen companies are the easiest to get hold of. Which respond to your questions the fastest? How capable are they of providing the assistance that you need?

Step 3: Examine security and reliability

While there are many different features you might want from the best UK telecom companies, some of the most important are reliability and security. What kind of network support can your provider give you to ensure that your data remains safe? Do they offer things like end-to-end encryption? Are you looking at a Telecoms provider that can provide network convergence?

While you’re examining security, check the kind of quality of service you can expect from each communications provider. Reliability is often displayed as a number, like 99.999% SLA uptime. The fewer outages you can expect, the better. Even the smallest glitch in your phone line could be enough to cost you hundreds or thousands of customers.

Step 4: Look at price and value

Let’s face it, we all need to think about budget when we’re choosing the right Telecommunications companies for our needs. However, it’s important not to get so caught up on price, that you forget about “value.” The cheapest telecoms provider isn’t necessarily the best. Many companies can offer a wide range of different service levels, and a better Service Level Agreement or “SLA” will typically cost more.

When you’re comparing according to price, remember to consider what you’re willing to compromise on when it comes to service and performance. It might be a good idea to pay a little more if it means you’re less likely to face lag and outages. Remember to check the track record that your chosen company has for customer service too. Sometimes, it’s worth paying extra if you end up with a better experience overall.

Step 5: Examine their technology and scalability

Now that the communications industry is evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important to make sure that your telecoms provider has what it takes to develop at the same rate as your business. The provider you choose should make sure that their systems are updated continuously, and that you’ll be able to access the latest technology on the market. This will ensure that you’re never lagging behind your competitors.

If you decide that you want to update your communications strategy so that you’re operating on the cloud, or you choose to implement a BYOD strategy that allows employees to connect to your network from your smartphone, you’re going to need to look for UK telecom companies that have their eye on the latest disruptive tech.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for any Telecommunications companies that can give you a good level of customisation on your services. All businesses have different needs, so it’s rarely a good idea to stick with a one-size-fits-all provider. Plenty of customisation will ensure you can keep costs low, and performance high.

Choosing your new telecoms provider

No matter the size of your company or what industry you’re in, it’s essential to ensure that you have the right communications provider on-hand to deliver a reliable, customisable and scalable solution.

Considering the points above will give you the information you need to compare the UK telecom companies in your area and find the one with the best support to offer you.

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