How to make your office smarter with IoT devices

A smart office can help create a happier, more productive workforce. Here's how you can make your office smarter with IoT devices.

Nikki Lee


CDN reports suggest that by next year, there will be over 30 billion IoT devices around the world.

Already, we’ve seen numerous examples of how the internet of things can transform the residential environment with smart bulbs, thermostats, and even artificially intelligent locks. Now, the business world is evolving too. Companies of all shapes and sizes are discovering that a smart office could be the key to a happier, more productive workforce.

The question is, how exactly can IoT office devices be embedded into the modern workforce? If you want to make your office smarter, do you start with the intelligent thermostat, or is there another direction you’ll need to consider?

1.     Use IoT to Transform the Customer Experience

Some experts believe that in 2019, IoT office devices will have a role to play in the CX environment. For instance, your IoT devices could notify your IT department when they sense a connected customer having a problem with their hardware or software. This means that businesses could begin to offer services and solutions before a customer ever calls the contact centre.

You’ll even be able to feed the data you collect through your IoT systems into your CRM strategy and use it to enhance your sales and marketing strategies at a later information. Already, 94% of the businesses that have chosen to implement IoT devices have seen a return on their investment. If you make your office smarter with customer experience in mind, your ROI will begin to grow. After all, we’re living in an age where experience is king.

2.     Access IoT to Manage the Workforce

When machines can communicate as well as humans, they can give you a deeper insight into the operations of your business. The big data insights that you collect will help you to see how you’re progressing towards your goals. With IoT, you can track KPIs, like staff productivity, customer turnover, and client satisfaction. You’ll be able to determine which of your employees need extra training, and what solutions you can put in place to support productivity.

IoT services don’t just make your office smarter; they give your business leaders crucial information about the workforce. When the team at Nice Network implements an IoT solution, we look at how the internet of things & big data can support your business. Together, they help employees to work smarter, manage projects more efficiently, and beyond.

3.     Improve the User Experience with IoT Devices

Surviving the age of experience doesn’t just mean getting customer experience right. The businesses that thrive are the ones that know how to empower their workforce. Fortunately, IoT is profoundly changing the way that we interact with the technology we use every day. When your machines gather information about performance, you can easily review and evaluate existing processes.

For instance, if you notice your teams are wasting too much time on repetitive processes, you may discover a gap for artificial intelligence. Various industry leaders are looking into the benefits of combining IoT and AI in the office. For example, when IoT devices notice a fault with a system, an automated message can be sent that notifies a customer & tells them what they need to do next. This would save employees a lot of time that they can then dedicated to more complex tasks. Already, assistants like the IBM Watson AI are being used to support teams. In Munich Airport, robots can tell you directions and gate information, so you don’t need to disrupt a human worker.

4.     Protect Your Security with IoT

Sometimes, a smart office is a protected office. In the consumer world, we’ve already begun to see examples of how IoT contributes to better security. Facial recognition, voice printing, and even geo-location tracking are no longer technologies of the future. If your employees can unlock an office just by looking at a camera, your business gets better security, without compromising on convenience.

You can even design your IoT devices to trigger specific responses and alerts when security issues appear. For instance, in the age of GDPR, if a customer sends a request for their data to be forgotten to your business, your IoT system could track down and present their information to a business leader.

Creating a Smart Office with IoT

The potential of IoT technology is growing more significant by the day.

Whether you’re interested in IoT-based security, or a system that automatically orders ink when you’re low, the options are endless. The key to success when you make your office smarter is to work with a team that understands the implications of IoT technology.

At Nice Network, we’ll show you how your IoT strategy can transform your company for the better. We take the crucial information you collect from your IoT system (your big data) and transform it into business opportunities.

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