How to run a meeting efficiently in the digital age

Meetings have changed a lot in recent years as businesses take advantage of the latest tools and innovations. Here are our top tips on how to run a meeting efficiently in the digital age…

Andrew Bentley


Meetings have changed a lot in recent years.

In days gone by, if you heard the word “meeting,” you’d probably picture a lot of people sitting around a table. Half of those people would be falling asleep, while the other half checked their phones.

Unfortunately, the traditional meeting hasn’t been effective for a while now. Though business leaders intend to use them to boost productivity and performance, 59% of employees feel less engaged because of an overflow of meetings.

The good news is that the digital age has well and truly arrived. As a result, organisations are learning how to run a meeting that takes advantage of the latest tools and innovations. Here are some of our top tips for improving meeting efficiency in the digital age.

1.     Streamline the Scheduling Process

Often, finding the right time and place for a meeting can be a huge time sink. You spend hours trying to arrange a session that suits all of your in-office and remote workers. Not to mention all the time spent going through emails from employees unable to attend.

A quick way to simplify and enhance the meeting process is to take advantage of a scheduling tool. Applications like Outlook Calendar Assistant and a number of different Microsoft 365 applications which great for helping you find a mutually convenient time for all of your team members. If you’re one of the many companies relying on collaboration tools today, you can even set up meetings through solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

2.     Discover the Benefits of IoT

Nice Network show businesses how to leverage measurable benefits from connected devices. One of the things that IoT can help with is delivering better staff meetings. For instance, Bluetooth proximity beacons are simple devices that bring GPS-like navigation technology into your organisation. Combined with secure mobile solutions, these applications enhance your meetings by:

  • Making it easier to identify available huddle rooms and meeting spaces nearby.
  • Empowering employees with mobile functionality and connections to “smart” meeting rooms.
  • Showing business leaders how often certain devices and meeting rooms are used. That way, you can see where you need to invest in new solutions for your team.

3.     Make Employees More Likely to Attend

It’s challenging to improve meeting efficiency if no-one shows up to your conference on time. Studies carried out by collaboration leaders Atlassian discovered that 96% of people had missed a meeting at some point. When people forget about meetings, or they’re late to the conversation, you lose time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Calendar applications can help to remind people when they need to be available for a meeting. However, you can also make it more likely that everyone will attend, by giving your employees a range of choices on how they “dial in.” For instance, give in-office employees a choice between coming to a conference in person, or attending via video link. Additionally, it’s worth reminding your staff members to regularly check the functionality of their devices. The last thing you want is a broken webcam or headset to hold the meeting back.

4.     Implement Support for Mobile Devices

Delivering greater flexibility is one of the best ways to improve meeting efficiency. According to the studies, 50% of the UK workforce will be remote by 2020. Ensure that your employees can access your meeting wherever they are by implementing support for mobile devices. Nice Network can deliver bespoke mobile services that keep your teams connected, wherever they are.

Support for mobile devices will ensure that your people don’t have to miss out on a meeting or catch-up later just because they’re on-the-move. Just make sure that you also have a security strategy in place to keep your mobile workers secure. A Mobile Device Messaging solution is essential when you’re investing in mobility for better staff meetings.

5.     Make Sure That Everyone is Informed

Finally, one of the biggest reasons that meetings get out of hand in the digital era is that people lose track of what they’re supposed to be talking about. Today’s business leaders need to think about how they can keep their teams engaged and focused throughout the entire meeting. Part of this means ensuring your people are informed with a meeting agenda that’s sent out before the conference.

When you’re in the meeting, it’s also worth taking advantage of technology wherever you can to improve the knowledge sharing process. For instance, use AI systems to make transcriptions of video calls so you can provide information to people who ask for a reminder on a critical point. Get your team to collaborate on digital whiteboards that automatically save data to the cloud.

As technology continues to evolve, the opportunities to improve meeting efficiency are practically endless. Contact Nice Network today to see how you can help your team