How to support mobile workers in the digital age: Five tech configuration strategies

Thinking of implementing or improving a remote working policy? Here are five quick-win strategies that can help you stay ahead of the curve and do just that…

The global number of mobile workers is set to increase to 1.88 billion in 2023. That’s 43.3% of the entire workforce! Thanks to trends like globalisation, cloud technology, and the internet of things, mobile working is no longer a sci-fi concept. We’re beginning to discover how much we can accomplish when we take advantage of our mobile devices.

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets can all keep your employees connected to the office wherever they are. This essentially eliminates the need for the traditional office and gives your teams the freedom they so desperately need.

According to studies, a little bit of mobility can go a long way. 88% of employees feel more engaged at work when they have control over their professional experiences. That includes control over the device that they use.

The question is, how do you support the rise of the mobile worker? How do you make sure that you have the right technology systems in place?

Nice Network is here to help.

1.     Start with connectivity

The first thing you’re going to need to support mobile workers is a solution that offers remote access to employees wherever they are. This means implementing a “virtual private network” or VPN. The VPN technology strategy gives businesses a way to secure their connections to a public network, so that you can support your teams, without leaving gaps in your security strategy.

One particularly appealing thing about VPNs is that they’re safe, but they don’t necessarily require any extra client software. The network handles authentication, so remote users with the correct credentials can access information wherever they are, at any time. What’s more, the VPN can be used as an internal network strategy to isolate areas of sensitive data – including HR and accounting records.

2.     Manage your mobile solutions

Let’s face it, IT managers are suspicious of any device that they don’t have control over – and they should be. If you want to manage mobile workers safely, then you need a mobile solution that’s going to protect your network. At Nice Network, our tailor-made mobile solutions include SOTI MobiControl with two-factor or biometric authentication. Through advanced MDM policies, we can make sure that our clients are protected from the potential dangers of mobile working.

As the cost of mobile hardware continues to drop, and employees begin to demand more flexibility in their careers, the right mobile device management strategy could be the key to your company’s future. With Nice Network, you even get disaster protection and data backup strategies built-in to your services, for complete peace of mind.

3.     Have a strategy for BYOD

When it comes to improving mobile worker performance, some businesses decide that the best option is to allow people to use their own preferred devices. If employees can use their own technology to complete workplace tasks, they often become more productive and take better care of their devices too. As the rise of BYOD campaigns continues, Nice Network ensures that you can protect your smartphone and tablet environment, regardless of who owns the machinery.

Our MDM solutions help companies to manage, monitor and support all mobile workers connected to their business network. As well as reducing corporate and personal liability issues, our services also offer benefits like access to secure content libraries, 24/7 helpdesks, and remote device control. Make sure that you have a strict policy in place to defend your sensitive data if you decide to join the BYOD revolution.

4.     Handle network control and authentication

Network security will always be a crucial consideration for your IT teams and business leaders. You’ll need a secure authentication strategy to protect your current environment and your future. Most companies use password access, but simple passwords are often easily stolen by malicious individuals. Ensuring that you have a hardened authentication strategy in place is a good way to manage mobile workers.

With SOTI MobiControl, the team at Nice Network can offer additional authentication features such as two-factor and biometric passwords. You can also consider strategies like Single Sign-On, to better control employee data access.

5.     Address your provisioning procedures

Finally, every company needs guidelines that they can follow when adding new mobile workers to their community. There’s more to embracing remote working than simply giving someone a mobile phone and username. You’ll need a complete provisioning strategy – complete with exit guidelines to follow when you need to remove someone from your system.

A simple checklist that covers how to onboard someone new into your technology environment is a good investment here. Make sure that whenever an employee leaves your company, their access to your system is immediately rescinded, so your data remains secure.

Ready to discover the limitless potential of mobile worker performance? Reach out to Nice Network today to see how we can help.