IoT Devices: How will the Internet of Things affect your business?

Intel suggests that there will be at least 200 billion connected devices in the world by 2020. Here's how the Internet of Things could affect your business.

Mike Mead


Intel suggests that there will be at least 200 billion connected devices in the world by 2020.

As we move further into the digital era, we’re gradually encountering an age where machines can communicate, both with us and with each other. This world of interconnectivity gives forward-thinking companies access to more opportunities than ever before.

Whether it’s a printer that automatically orders new ink when it’s starting to run out or an intelligent system that tracks the satisfaction of your employees as they interact with your devices, the possibilities are endless. Not only does access to big data sets and autonomous processes make it easier to get the insights you need for business evolution, but you may find that IoT services help you to unlock a more productive and engaged team.

Here are just some of the ways that the Internet of Things and IoT devices could transform your company forever.

1.     Make Your Office a Smart Office

Today, spaces both at work and at home are becoming more intelligent thanks to connectivity. IoT devices like connected printers or intelligent desk phones can simplify and automate repetitive processes for your organisation, leading to a more productive workforce.

For instance, imagine heating that automatically adjusts temperature and cuts your energy bills when people aren’t in the office, or lights that turn off when no-one is around. What about networked security cameras that stream directly to any connected device, and inform the authorities when something looks suspicious? Even IoT devices as simple as smart window blinds that automatically adjust position to protect the eyes of your workers can transform the workplace.

2.     Know Where Your Resources Are

Spending in IoT is expected to reach at least $1.29 trillion in 2020. While investing in new technology can be an expensive process, Internet of Things services can also save you money too. For instance, most companies currently rely on barcode tracking systems for inventory management. However, with IoT, you can infuse everything you own into the same network, making it easier to track your most valuable assets.

The better you can track your belongings, the fewer replacement items you’ll need to buy. You can even set up strategies to determine when your devices are about to fail, so you can avoid downtime by ordering replacement parts or performing preventative maintenance in advance.

3.     Gather More Data Than Ever Before

An environment filled with interconnected devices opens the floodgates to endless amounts of data. On the plus side, IoT devices and solutions collecting valuable data could mean that you learn more about your employees, their productivity levels, and more. You can even gather vital information to boost customer satisfaction.

However, making the most out of the data offered by IoT also means accessing the right IoT support. Having more data to collect means that there’s more to track in your business, particularly if you want to make sure that your system is secure and compliant. Future-proofing your investments means making sure that your platform is reliable, flexible and scalable.

4.     Boost Productivity and Efficiency

With help from companies like Nice Network, who can show you why Internet of Things services needs the right platforms to ensure success, you can begin to develop a more effective workplace. After all, you’ll be gathering more information about your employees and customers. Data about where and when your employees do their best work will let you know what kind of environments you need to put in place to optimise business outcomes. Information about the interactions that make your customers happy will help you to improve your customer contact scenarios.

All the while, your professional technology team can put IoT services in place that automate the often-mundane tasks in your company like ordering new equipment or managing data collection. This means that your employees get to spend more of their time on the crucial creative jobs that only a human can handle.

5.     Unlock Opportunities with Remote Work

Finally, as studies continue to prove the value of remote working when it comes to employee efficiency, your IoT devices could also help you to promote a more mobile workforce. Cloud-hosted software combined with mobile services from companies like Nice Network makes working on-the-go a more viable option for businesses from virtually every background.

With IoT infused into your business operations, it will become even easier for teams to work remotely because your systems will be available to access from any internet-connected device. You may be able to manage an entire production line from a smartphone.

To learn more about the potential of IoT technology, reach out to the team at Nice Network. Our IoT technology gives you a multi-layered approach to data management, connectivity, application development, analytics, and security.