Managing Mobile Security: Is it a tech issue, or a people problem?

In an age when mobile working and remote employees are fast becoming the norm, it's important to know how to balance tech-based security support...

Richard Weddle


Here at Nice Network, we know how important security and compliance are to any business.

Fail to protect your business, employees, and customers, and you’ll struggle to last long in today’s competitive environment. That’s why, whether we’re working with you on your telecom services or your digital transformation strategy, we always put security first.

However, there’s often more to achieving true peace of mind in any business, than simply installing the right software.  According to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breach Report from 2017, issues often link back to human error.  Unfortunately, only 20% of companies offer cyber security training to team members, and only 33% have a formal security policy in place.

That’s why, in an age when mobile working and remote employees are fast becoming the norm, it’s important to know how to balance tech-based security support, with human due-diligence. Below, we highlight just a few of the ways your business can do just that…

Creating a cyber security strategy

The UK Government study mentioned above showed that the most common point of vulnerability for most modern businesses was the incorrect usage of mobile devices. Our smartphones and tablets are becoming an increasingly common part of our work lives. The BYOD (Bring your own device) market is set to reach a value of £277 billion in 2022.

As today’s employees become more accustomed to accessing the tools they need from any device, mobile apps and technology are becoming a frequent target for cyber criminals. Apps with access to user personal details are an increasingly common concern – particularly in environments with sales reps, customer service agents, and risk assessors.

If you want to be part of the mobile revolution, then you’ll need a security strategy in place. Whether you’re supporting team members that work from home, building a global community, or simply working with field-based staff, it’s time to strategise.

Remember, while mobile strategies and BYOD policies come with a variety of benefits to explore, including greater productivity and stronger communication in the workforce, they also have risks. Some of the most common mobile security issues include:

  • A data breach caused by employees connecting to unsecured networks.
  • Old employees having access to files for a company they no longer work with.
  • Insecure apps that offer a back door to hackers and cyber criminals.
  • Lost or stolen devices with poor security standards in place.

Mobile Employee Security: Blending tech and human support

Creating a cyber security strategy for your mobile workers needs to begin with finding the right technology. Firewalls, malware protection, and antivirus systems are essential to most business networks today. Here at Nice Network, we make sure that all of our customers and our own employees have access to the highest level of security solutions.

We can offer everything from disaster protection services to two-factor authentication. One particularly popular option we provided for mobile employee security comes in the form of MDM (mobile device management). Our SOTI MobiControl service with biometric and two-factor authentication safeguards valuable mobile data on remote devices. We use this technology to protect clients from harmful data leaks, reduce the threat of malware, and even offer remote access to employee devices.

However, while technology needs to be a part of your data breach protection plan, there’s also a human element to consider too. Adaptive authentication and MDM solutions can only go so far if your team members don’t know how to protect themselves and their devices.

Improving employee due diligence

While technology is there to offer an extra layer of defence to your business, it’s also crucial for companies to have human strategies in place too. For instance, business leaders need to hammer home the idea that employees should be taking responsibility for their own privacy and security. Individuals in your mobile and on-premise workforce need to know the threats they face in today’s cyber world.

It sounds simple, but something as basic as implementing the right password policy can change everything for your team. Here at Nice, we have a data security strategy in place that we guide all of our employees through, from the moment they first join our team. Everyone is held to the strictest password security standards (no easy-to-guess passwords here). We also follow the rules of regulations like GDPR to ensure that we’re always compliant with the latest standards.

Technology is an excellent way to take your mobile security strategy to the next level – but don’t underestimate the power of a well-informed team too.

A culture of communication, where your employees know all about what they need to do to shield themselves from data breaches and security issues keeps your company secure. It also shows your customers that they can trust you to keep their information safe too!

Want our advice on securing your mobile network? Reach out to the friendly Nice team today!