Things to look for in a mobile device management solution

Finding the best MDM solution is hard when you don't know what to look out for. Take a look out our guide of things to look out for, to aid your decision.

Andrew Bentley


If you’re evaluating mobile device management (MDM) solutions, it’s likely that you don’t already have one. Having said that, there will also be some cases where businesses have tried a solution and it didn’t meet expectations. Either way, know what you should expect from a solution is a crucial part of the decision making process. When it comes to introducing an MDM solution into your business, it shouldn’t be treated differently to any other form of technology. To justify expenditure on top of your business mobile contract, you need to fully appreciate what the features of MDM include. And more importantly, how they will benefit your business.

In this post we’ve listed some key features that you should see in great MDM solutions and software and how they can benefit your business. This should help you with getting buy-in for business change and budget.

Express Enrollment

Like every tool that installed for your business, it needs to be quick and easy to use. If something is complicated to use, or doesn’t work first time, it’s unlikely you’ll come back to it. When you are constantly fighting against a tool, it creates the reverse effect of what it sets out to do.

Express enrollment is standard in most MDM solutions. Barcode scanning or NFC Bump ensures that each device you need to add your your phone manager is simple and consistent. You can spend less time trying to register devices and more time integrating into other apps and solutions.

Remote Support

Remote support features such as remote view,  file sync, and two-way chat should be commonplace in any device management solution. The ability to see a constant two-way communication stream on your devices is so valuable. You can log on to a device to make urgent changes, or to retrieve files that would otherwise be lost. By simply having access from anywhere to a specific device, you are preventing major data loss and reducing the need for escalation.

Automatic Connectivity

Long gone are the days where IT departments relied on users enabling their devices or refreshing apps. Automatic device connectivity ensures the user device  is always able to communicate back to the management application. Removing the need to manually connect ensures an always on, always secure approach. It also reduces the burden on both the user as well as IT to audit if and when devices are connected.

Content Management

With any MDM solution, you expect to be able to manage content and creating permissions and exceptions for access of sites is part and parcel of the management experience. With enterprise grade MDM solutions, you should be expecting a higher level of content management. Enterprise grade content and application management can grant a user more flexibility and empower the management team.

If sites or apps are blocked through flagged words or protocols but are genuinely needed, enterprise content management makes this a seamless process. Automatic content filters give you back so much time too. It’s no longer a process of finding content then blocking it after the event, but ensuring malicious or inappropriate content is never accessed in the first place.


As you get comfortable with MDM and the benefits it brings your business and the manual tasks it can remove, you are fully entitled to want it to do more. In the cloud-first world where everything becomes the norm after a short period of time, MDM solutions are constantly asked to keep improving. Integration with device OEM rapid enrollment solutions like: Apple Device Enrollment Program,  Android Zero-Touch Enrollment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow allows your MDM investment to start making other solutions perform better. This not only drives the return on investment for the MDM solution, but your entire mobile estate.

Ultimately, managing your mobile devices has never been easier, it has also never been so feature rich and such a powerful business enabler. From instant provisioning of day one of deployment, through end of year one device refresh, all the way to renewal and needing to prove the solution can do more,the right MDM solution comes pre-packaged with all these features. To discover the greater benefits of MDM solutions, and to find out the best one to suit your bespoke requirements, contact us today to setup a consultation.