Mobile call recording; everything you need to know

Worried about mobile call recording? Worry no more with this quick guide to when and how to best use mobile call recording in your business.

Andrew Bentley


If you want or need to record phone conversations then you need to be thinking about mobile call recording. The modern world is always on the move and your employees are no longer tied to their desk so simply recording a user’s desk phone is no longer enough.

When your mobile workforce take a call, they need to feel empowered. The ability to have call recording access will act as a deterrent to aggressive customers, it’s also a useful reference point for conversations where important information was exchanged.

When should I record calls?

Before setting up mobile call recording, you should make yourself familiar with the rules and regulations for your specific business as well as general guiding principles for call recording in the UK. Though recording calls is legal, this only rings true if you are following best practice. So, make sure you are aware of how to treat customer data.

Calls can and should be recorded for any training purposes, when giving financial advice or when taking secure card payments over the phone. Calls could also be recorded at any time you feel necessary, as long as clear prompts are provided. Each party must be aware that the call is being recorded.

How do I record calls on my mobile?

There are two types of mobile call recording available – you can choose from an automatic or manual call recorder. Automatic call recording records all calls indiscriminately while manual allows you to pick and choose when to record calls.

A call is recorded at network level so it is non-intrusive to the caller. There are no pop ups or notifications to make the caller wary, you just continue your call as normal. Once the call is complete, recordings are stored in the cloud for security and easy access. Here, you can access and manage call recordings as well as gaining business insights to your workforce. Reporting and analytics is as strong for mobile call recording as it is with a VoIP or Unified Communications solution. This enables your business to do more with your data and gain a competitive advantage through trend and pattern analysis.

Best mobile call recording software

There are a few questions you need to ask before finding out the best mobile call recording software for your business. Do you need a specific call recorder for Samsung or Android operating systems or will it be network level? If you are using a Unified Comms solution with its own call recording, you may have calls recorded via your softphone app. However, user and customer behaviour suggest that not all calls will be taken via the softphone so you may end up doubling up on call recording.

In an ideal world, all calls would be taken via one device and on one phone number. But, in reality, calls are taken all over the place and it’s impossible to predict which number a customer may call you on. The best mobile call recording software takes into account all possible scenarios to keep your workforce secure and productive.

Once you’ve gathered your basic requirements, you need to find out which solution best suits your needs. It’s also critical that the solution you choose is simple to setup and use on a regular basis.

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