Remote working: From Sweden to Sunderland

Head of sales, Geoff Burns, explains how Nice Network’s remote working policy allows staff to work from anywhere across the globe, even the most remote and idyllic areas of Scandinavia…

It’s always a pleasure visiting my in-laws in Skeppsta, Björnlunda. An hour’s drive from Stockholm, it’s a stunning, traditional Swedish village with so much character.

The traditional red wood house is just as easy on the eye. Surrounded by woodland and perched on the fringe of a steamy lake, there’s nothing better than jumping in the family’s fishing boat for a few hours and watching the world go by.

However, my visit isn’t entirely made up of fun and games with the family. While I’m visiting the in-laws for a couple of weeks, I’ll still be working for a few of those days, attending key meetings and catch-up sessions via e-conferencing, checking my emails and servicing clients.

Now, you might think I’m mad for not taking the entire two and a half weeks to switch off my phone and completely unwind, but that just isn’t me and I’m sure there are many reading this who are the same when they have to take time away from their business.

Personally, I’ve found that I tend to be more productive while working remotely. It allows me to completely switch off from everything around me and really focus on the task at hand.

Also, I’ve saved valuable holidays for over the Christmas period, when business eases off, meaning I can spend quality time with my wife and children at the best time of the year. It’s a win-win for both myself and the company, really.

Reading this, you might be thinking to yourself, ‘Why has remote working becoming so popular all of a sudden?’, and you won’t be alone. It’s a question on the lips of many business leaders.

For me, is pivotal to building trust with your staff and unlocking the most from your team. Why should you need to work fixed times, from a fixed desk in a fixed location? It just doesn’t make sense.

Trust is business essential and if you can’t trust your staff, who can you trust? So long as your business is going in the right direction, morale is high and you’re enjoying what you’re doing, should it matter how and where you do it?

Here at Nice Network, we take great pride not only in our own remote working strategy but also in our ability to help other businesses unlock their untapped potential by adopting a remote working policy.

So, if you think remote working could benefit your business, why not drop us a line? We can help you install all the processes, software and infrastructure you need, as well as providing ongoing monitoring and support.

For more information, drop me an email at Who knows, the next blog could be your experience of working overseas with your family!