Nice Network welcomes rural 5G boost

Terry Lewis explains why the UK Government's £30m commitment to testing 5G technology in rural communities is great news for the industry...

Nice Network has welcomed the news that Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan has today (27 August) launched a £30 million campaign to spark the rollout of next generation 5G applications in rural areas.

The Rural Connected Communities competition is the latest wave of £200 million funding to pioneer 5G testbeds across the country and deliver the benefits of the highest speeds of mobile connectivity available.

The competition will see up to 10 rural locations be chosen to run innovative trials of 5G applications and stimulate commercial investment in 5G technology which offers mobile speeds 10 to 20 times faster than previous generations.

This technology is already being used in the Orkney Islands to remotely monitor salmon fisheries and improve efficiency of wind farms, and in Shropshire, 5G trials are showing how farming can be transformed through targeted crop-spraying and soil analysis with drones and tractors.

This new funding will further build on projects like these and trial other uses of 5G in rural communities to help drive business growth, enhance lives and encourage innovation.

Terry Lewis, Business Development Manager at Nice Network, said: “Following the news that Vodafone has switched on its 5G network in seven UK cities, it’s refreshing to hear that the UK Government has also outlined plans to test out new 5G applications in some of the country’s most rural areas.

“While we haven’t yet reached the stage where 5G can be rolled-out on a mass scale, it’s great to see the country moving forward and piloting the technology in different areas so that, when the time comes, we’re ready to embrace everything 5G has to offer.

“5G technology might still be in its early stages but we’ve already witnessed first-hand how it can transform businesses, improve lives and encourage innovation and its fantastic to see more areas of the UK being opened up to the benefits of it.

“The potential it has to drive economic growth is huge and it’s an exciting time for everyone involved in the telecoms and technology industries.”