Keeping your assets safe

Protect your mobile devices and safeguard your data.

Mobile Device (MDM) Security Solutions

Whether it’s a company-provided smartphone or an employee-owned tablet, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions help you manage, monitor, secure and support all devices connected to your business network.

Available for all mobile platforms and a wide range of devices, our security solutions reduce corporate and personal liability while keeping your network safe. Key benefits include:

  • Remote control of devices
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Location services
  • Secure content library
  • Device provisioning

Nice Network security experts assist with integrating an effective MDM policy – keeping your business information secure at all times.

Secure valuable data

SOTI MobiControl with biometric or two-factor authentication is part of all our MDM solutions. Encryption safeguards your valuable data on mobile or remote devices from harmful data leaks. This reduces the threat of malware attacks from remote or non-business devices.


Disaster protection

A communication system outage can be catastrophic for any business – not just financially. That’s why all our security solutions also include disaster avoidance options.

For details about our MDM solutions, contact our team for free advice


Data backups

1MB of your data is worth approximately £5,000 according to David M. Smith in The Cost of Lost Data (2000).

Reduce the risk of data loss and keep recovery time for all your devices to a minimum with our solutions. We also assist in planning and deploying them at your location. All our solutions come with an automatic backup service, secure hosted vaulting and continued remote control by our IT team.

Fully automated backup


Set up automatic backups to protect data as it’s created.

Simple recovery


Request a complete backup either through web access or on CD should a device be damaged or lost.

Secure transmission


Encrypt all data with 128-bit Advance Encryption Standard (AES) during transmission for maximum security.

Managed bandwidth consumption

Efficiently manage your network’s bandwidth with incremental backups and our secure offsite hosting – eliminating the need to buy and maintain expensive hardware.


Secure hosted vaulting

All your data is stored in a highly-secure facility safe from viruses and hardware failures.


No loss of productivity

In the unlikely event of a data loss, our solutions ensure a minimum recovery effort and downtime for your employees.


Easy to use

Data security and regulatory policies are enforced simply and automatically using central controls. It lets your IT staff define straightforward backup policies so that the service is transparent to all.


Our security partners

Nice Network’s mobile services team works closely with Vodafone to provide highly-qualified experts for project management, technical architecture, service implementation and testing, for example. From planning and inception to deployment and ongoing support, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our backup and recovery solutions are part of Vodafone’s wide range of integrated connectivity and security products.

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