Social WiFi versus Guest WiFi

Social WiFi versus Guest WiFi. A common debate in business. Take a look at these key consideration when it comes to choosing which to deploy.

Rob Stevens


You may not think you know a lot about social WiFi but it’s likely you’ve used it before without even realising. Now, since the internet has evolved from dial-up connection to wireless, accessing the web has never been more simple. For social WiFi, it’s even easier, a simple click here, social media login face recognition or touch ID takes care of the rest and you’re connected. The customer has had a great experience in joining their super fast WiFi. But, what if your business could benefit from this same speedy sign-in process?

Well, now you can. Social WiFi is just that. It may seem a bit alien at first but social WiFi is simple to use and simple to implement. Let us walk you through the key questions that we hear when talking to customers about social WiFi.

What is social WiFi?

Whether entering a shop, a restaurant or gym, at some point, the consumer of today is likely to want WiFi. In fact, guest WiFi is a minimum expectation for everybody on the move in 2018.¬†Think of the hassle, failed attempts and time wasted when your clients can’t connect to your laggy guest WiFi – the resolution is social WiFi.

When searching for a WiFi hotspot, your business appears as in the available connections of a consumer’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. The user selects the hotspot of their choice and is taken to a login page. No different from normal guest WiFi, an experience everybody is used to.

Now, instead of having to fill in their name, date of birth, email address, complex password and everything else associated with guest WiFi, users simply use the social media platform of their choice. Your device likely has your credentials already stored so connection to this social WiFi hotspot is simple. For those more security conscious, all you need to do is login with your normal platform credentials.

Customer experience

Every industry is hot on customer experience right now. Failure to thrill your customer is failure in providing a successful service. Lots of businesses are finding out that their service goes further than their product – it’s the entire experience that matters. Being the cheapest or most convenient is simply not enough. For example, if you go for coffee with the ambition of finishing off some work, you need WiFi, it is the customer’s expectation that WiFi is now present in every coffee shop. Providing guest WiFi is the first step. The second, and most critical, step is providing a seamless connection this WiFi.

Scrolling through reams of text, setting unnecessary security questions and waiting for a confirmation email are things of the past. Customers are armed with smartphones that can pay, predict and identify with their face, thumb or behaviour. Connecting to WiFi should be no different. If it is more complex than that, you have lost your customer to the coffee shop next door, where the customer can connect via their Facebook or Twitter account.

Social WiFi versus Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi hotspots have proved their worth to businesses over time. Customers love finding a WiFi hotspot that combines their primary purpose with the convenience of being connected but the  reality is that guest WiFi is so commonplace that you now have to offer a superior service.

Businesses that survive the digital age of customer experience will be those that provide the best digital experiences themselves. The shift to the always connected world has taken another step. We’re now talking about the quickest, most convenient way to get connected rather than opting for WiFi over your own mobile data.

Social WiFi is easy access and secure. And we haven’t even got started on the business benefits of social WiFi. Splash pages, social sharing and social marketing are turned on from the off with social WiFi. Check out how you can make money from your social WiFi hotspots here.

If you’re ready to make the move to social WiFi then check out our connectivity pages. If you still need some help in choosing which is best for your business then contact us.

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