Nice Network Teams Talk provides the tools to help you build a single system for all communications across business. A stable, reliable, flexible and cost-effective service that promises positive changes in the workplace.

Work is no longer where we go, it’s what we do. We work remotely on a national and an international scale to collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. Teams Talk is an easy-to-use network that ensures secure and clear communication across businesses big and small.

Introducing Teams Talk

Nice Network Teams Talk is unique in the sense that it brings a mature Cisco Cloud PBX and Microsoft Teams together as one combined solution, allowing users to use a familiar platform to communicate internally and externally. By adding Cisco Cloud PBX capabilities to Teams, organisations have the rare opportunity to combine functionality that isn’t currently available within Microsoft Teams with the fully featured offering the Cisco Cloud PBX.

The system is live in 43 countries with reach to 72 countries and has 490,000 users internationally. 

With big name clients including Nike, Puma and Electrolux, it is a stable and reliable platform and software is built on reliability, security and resiliency. 

Zig Zag divide
Zig Zag divide

Why choose Teams Talk?

A single system for all communications is a logical endpoint for many organisations. Rather than introducing multiple systems for employees, one easy-to-use network to manage all aspects of communication for each employee is an incredibly attractive proposition. 

Microsoft have arguably always been open about the fact that they’re not voice focused. Their aim is larger – a single platform that unifies collaborative requirements for working professionals.

The solution itself is truly integrated, allowing unlimited minute bundles and other enhanced features like call recording, call analytics and mobile device calling. Teams Talk can also be deployed as a hybrid model giving the customer the best of both worlds in terms of modern soft client technology and enhanced desk phone technology that can work seamlessly as one.

Improvements and enhanced features are being developed everyday for Nice Network Teams Talk, which are then provided to all customers using the product. We have seen the number of users on any given call and be visible increase from four to hundreds. We have also adopted other interesting tools such as subtitles and voicemail transcripts sent to users via email.

Cost control

Businesses are already seeing dramatic positive results following the deployment of the solution.

Benefits include the removal of expensive hardware and a reduction in travel time and fuel expense as customers are now readily available at home or on the move. The solution also gives businesses a further reach into other parts of the world, allowing revenue generation to be expanded.


Teams Talk is pandemic proof and allows businesses to pivot quickly.

Having a solution that can be scalable to meet the business requirements is a major advantage given the uncertainty in today’s world.

Operations Efficiency

The main advantage within today’s world has to be flexibility.

The ability to work remotely is important for many businesses and has recently become the norm. This has been proven with Microsoft Teams users surpassing 75 million users per day as of April 2020.

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