Tech firms help pandemic proof production lines

A global industrial technology specialist is helping pandemic-proof production lines the world-over, after partnering with unified communications specialist Nice Network.

Nikki Lee


A global industrial technology specialist is helping pandemic-proof production lines the world-over, after partnering with unified communications specialist Nice Network.

Cambridge-headquartered Ubisense, which has offices across the globe, is a market-leader in the supply of real-time location intelligence solutions to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

The company’s Real-time Location Intelligence Solutions bring visibility and control to complex operations and throughout the pandemic continued to help blue-chip clients such as BMW, Aston Martin and Lockheed Martin optimise production and keep operations resilient during the turbulent period.

Steve Manifold, CMO at Ubisense, said: “We responded quickly at Ubisense to ensure our clients were supported during periods of uncertainty at the start of the year; switching to remote deployment and support, and offering contact-tracing and social distancing solutions utilising clients’ existing investment in our location technology to quickly and safely re-open facilities.”

However, with travel restrictions and social distancing measures in-place, Ubisense – like the many manufacturers it supports – also had to adjust its internal operations in order to continue advising clients and ensure its staff continued to collaborate during the pandemic, while also ensuring their safety.

This led to the company investing in Nice Network Teams Talk, a market-leading collaboration platform that combines Microsoft Teams, one of the world’s most popular communication platforms, with Nice Network’s carrier-grade telephony, allowing its staff across the globe to work collaboratively on projects, while slashing the costs of overseas call tariffs and ramping up productivity.

“During the pandemic, it was more critical than ever that our remote, geographically dispersed teams were able to effectively collaborate and communicate with each other, our partners and our clients,” Steve added.

“When travel and face-to-face meetings were no longer an option, it was important to Ubisense to both continue operations without disruption and also capitalise on the opportunity to reduce unproductive time and our environmental footprint and thanks to Nice Network Teams Talk, we were able to do just that.”

Nice Network Teams Talk is unique in the sense that it brings Cisco Cloud PBX and Microsoft Teams together as one combined solution, allowing users to use a familiar platform to communicate both internally and externally, while also helping teams combine file management, meetings, chat and collaboration with HD outbound and inbound calling.

Gary Luther, corporate account director at Nice Network, said: “The team at Ubisense have played a pivotal role in keeping production lines across the globe moving over recent months and we’re delighted to be working with them as they look to continue helping manufacturers make more informed business decisions long into the future.

“Nice Network Teams Talk is a revolutionary collaboration platform that helps organisations slash costs, improve productivity, reduce their carbon footprint and improve employees’ work life-balance and we are delighted with how it has been received by our customers so far.

“While social distancing measures and travel bans remain in place, collaboration tools are going to play a key role in helping businesses remain competitive and to ensure the economy continues to rebound, and we are proud to be playing a role in this recovery.”