The best VoIP software solutions to consider in 2019

Looking for a future-proof solution for your business comms? To help welcome you to a new age of audio communications, here's an insight into the biggest VoIP trends for 2019.

Rob Stevens


For years now, VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” has transformed the way that businesses communicate. VoIP is the transmission of multimedia and voice content over Internet Protocol networks. Not only is it a cheaper way to interact with long-distance companies, but VoIP is a more flexible way to access telecoms too.

If you’re looking for a future-proof solution to business comms, experts like Nice Network can introduce you to the world of VoIP. However, it’s worth noting that, like other aspects of the technical world, demands and expectations in VoIP are changing. To help welcome you to a new age of audio communications, here’s an insight into the biggest VoIP trends for 2019.

1.     The Rise of 5G

If you’re on the hunt for the best VoIP software for your mobile team, the rise of 5G technology may be essential to your search. 5G is the next generation of mobile communications, designed to give you quicker access to technology on-the-go.

As the best VoIP software continues to break down the barriers restricting legacy businesses, leading vendors are sure to experiment with 5G. Already, hosted VoIP gives you the freedom to share your technology with employees all over the world. 5G will ensure that any staff members on the move will have unbeatable performance, redundancy, and internet access.

2.     VoIP and Experience Collide

VoIP solutions are becoming increasingly intertwined with strategies for customer and user experience. For instance, a VoIP strategy that integrates with your ERP software means employees can make a call within their ERP system, without having to switch to a different app. VoIP solutions are even finding their way into collaboration tools and chat systems.

A single-pane-of-glass interface is a highly sought-after concept for many companies. The fewer tools your employees need to switch between to remain productive, the more efficient they become. In the years ahead, many business leaders will begin to embrace VoIP as part of a comprehensive “UC” strategy. This Unified Communications approach will bring everything from collaboration, to voice and video conversations together on the same application.

3.     Artificial Intelligence Makes Its Way into VoIP

Ten years ago, the idea of AI was little more than science fiction. Today, many of the best VoIP tools on the market have some manner of artificial intelligence built-in. For instance, companies can use the best VoIP software, combined with a virtual assistant to easily schedule meetings and collect crucial data.

Artificial intelligence in VoIP also has the power to transform the contact centre in the years ahead. Already, when embedded into VoIP software, intelligent IVRs can answer common customer questions. This means that clients can get the support they need faster, without waiting for people to pick up. Additionally, intelligent routing solutions ensure that VoIP calls are sent to the right agent for the job – no matter where they are.

4.     The Shift Towards Hosted VoIP

Thanks to the rise of remote working and globalisation, businesses are growing increasingly mobile. Though there’s still call for the standard on-premise phone system, there’s also a rising demand for hosted solutions delivered on the cloud. A hosted VoIP system means that you don’t have to make any initial investments into your PBX technology. Instead, a cloud provider handles the hardware costs on your behalf and charges you a fee for the services that you use.

The best VoIP software often comes with a cloud connectivity option. The cloud provision of VoIP services also means that companies can easily and quickly develop their communication stack. If you decide you want to implement some new 2019 VoIP trends or add new employees to your team, it’s much easier to scale via the cloud.

5.     Security Remains a Priority

Finally, security has always been a strong feature of the best VoIP tools. Without the right systems in place, it’s impossible to know for sure whether your voice data is protected. Going into 2019, it will be crucial for companies to make sure that they’re choosing the more secure provider. The best VoIP service in the UK will offer protection and encryption to defend against DDoS attacks, malware and toll fraud.

The more advanced your VoIP strategy is, the more security and privacy solutions you may need. For instance, if you have an AI solution that automatically gathers data about your customers, you’ll also need a system in place to ensure compliance. Rules like GDPR dictate that data can only be collected with the express consent of your customers.

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