The importance of SOTI MobiControl

Your workforce is constantly on the go. Long gone are the days where you drop your mobile in for a check up. Find out what SOTI MobiControl can do for you here.

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SOTI MobiControl is more than just mobile device management and in 2018, it needs to be. Your workforce is constantly on the go, the days where you’d drop your mobile in for a check up with IT are long gone. Sales and Business Development professionals can be on the road the entire week and IT technicians are on usually on call at the least desirable hours to service you and your clients.

Unlike regular mobile device management systems, SOTI MobiControl has an array of additional benefits including productivity tools and remote support features that reduce downtime and keeps your employees focused on their work.

Why SOTIMobiControl?

SOTI MobiControl comes pre-packaged with a wealth of features and functionality designed for rapid, secure and simple management. The unique features of Soti’s offering have allowed Soti to gain an edge over the competition. In fact, SOTI MobiControl is not just an industry leader, the very brand and product name have become synonymous with the phrase “enterprise mobility management solution”.

Take a look at some of the key features and benefits below:

  • Remote support features such as remote view,  file sync, and 2-way chat
  • Kiosk mode restricts a mobile device to a single application or suite of applications, keeping the device secure
  • Automatic device connectivity to ensure the user is always able to communicate
  • Enterprise grade content and application management
  • Over the top installation, configuration, updates, and removal of apps from your enterprise or public app store
  • Express enrollment via barcode scanning or NFC Bump
  • Integration with device OEM rapid enrollment solutions like Apple Device Enrollment Program

Who is using SOTI MobiControl?

As you’d expect, MobiControl is fully scalable and is used by a variety of companies. From SMEs to large scale corporations, businesses are seeing the benefits of MobiControl today. Particularly notable users include the following:

American Airlines

American Airlines operate all over the world. They needed a single integrated mobile management platform all their devices, apps and content. With more than 5000 users across multiple departments, American Airlines are also using MobiControl to help gauge and manage battery usage on their devices.

DPD Ireland

Delivering over 25,000 parcels a day, DPD are heavy users of mobile devices. Subscribing to Remote Helpdesk, Real-time Track and Trace and Centralised Control keeps the mobile workforce ticking over. Brendan O’Neil, CEO, said this about the solution: “Our drivers have found the solution intuitive and easy to use, with 99% of our drivers’ positive in their evaluation of the solution – this level of success in the world of transport is particularly pleasing”.

PHS Group

PHS are new to the world of handheld devices. This means the mobile device management and everything that comes with it needs to be simple and effective. PHS employs several of SOTI’s MobiControl features, including lockdown kiosk, application deployment, remote control and troubleshooting. MobiControl has enabled the PHS Group to operate its Motorola devices in this lockdown or kiosk mode, ensuring users have access to the suitable applications and content at any given time.

Why is SOTI MobiControl so important?

If your personal mobile went down for a little while, you could probably survive however, your mobile devices and apps are critical to the success of your business.

In business, you need full lifecycle security and management to keep your devices safe, secure and running at optimal performance. Whether your employees are office based, remote workers or forever on the road, your workforce needs to stay connected. Failure to communicate and collaborate in business is business failure. When you are investing thousands of pounds into your mobile devices, it makes no sense to leave them be and assume they are working all the time. When devices and apps go wrong, you can’t see them – that’s where MobiControl comes in.

SOTI MobiControl  truly does it all — any device, any form-factor, any operating system. It simplifies the security and management of mobile devices and IoT endpoints for your business-critical mobility.

For more information on mobile device management for a 30 day SOTI MobiControl trial, fill out your details or give us a call on 0191 511 1000.

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