The top things your business can do with Sophos XG

The award-winning Sophos XG Firewall is helping IT chiefs and CIOs rediscover how to build a secure environment for their remote teams.

Rob Stevens


There are few things more important in the business world than security.

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you’re running, or what data you’re trying to protect; all businesses need a way to defend themselves from issues like fraud, security breaches, and even data loss. That’s where solutions like Sophos come in.

Sophos has appeared in the visionary section of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for firewall protection. It’s also the winner of the Best Threat Intelligence solution from the SC 2019 awards. Today, we’re going to cover what businesses can do with a tool like this, and why it’s so valuable for any company to have the right protection in place.

Why every business needs a firewall

A firewall is unlikely to top your list for the most revolutionary security measures in the market today.

In a world where we have internet-connected things and artificial intelligence, firewalls often seem a little old fashioned. However, firewalls aren’t just there for large companies and financial corporations that handle transactions every day. In reality, they’re crucial for any business that has a network.

Afterall, over half of all the cyberattacks that happen today are targeted at small businesses. Criminals automatically target the companies that they think are going to have the least protection. What’s more, 60% of small companies don’t survive a cyber-attack.

As criminals continue to update their strategies and find new ways of penetrating business data, companies also need to have a method of protection to help prevent serious damage.

If you’re wondering – that means cloud-based businesses need a firewall too. A lot of business owners make the mistake of believing that cloud-based environments are completely protected by the provider – however that’s rarely the case.

For any business, in any environment, a good firewall does more than just thwart a would-be hacker attempting to access your data. These solutions can also deliver detailed reports on your networks traffic and assist with enforcing company policies on internet usage.

What is the Sophos XG Firewall, and how does it work?

A firewall is a software, hardware, or hybrid solution that provides the first layer of defence for your cyber-security strategy. The purpose of this technology is to prevent unauthorised connections from coming into your network. Firewalls can also keep malicious software and programs from entering your environment too.

Sophos is a leading provider of firewall and security solutions. The XG firewall solution is a fully-equipped solution available to install in any environment. If you’re currently dealing with a remote workforce, then you can even provide them with the Sophos firewall technology that they need to protect their own operations too.

The XG Firewall from Sophos delivers all of the same features as its enterprise-level security system, with no compromise. You can access anti-malware technology, URL filtering, and full protection for a home or business network. What’s more, there’s access to extra features like application control, traffic shaping, IPS support, VPN browsing, monitoring, and reporting!

The main focus of a firewall like Sophos XG, is that it protects your businesses and remote workers alike from any dangerous traffic that might come their way. At the same time, because the firewall can separate safe traffic from more dangerous elements, your remote workers can still connect to your network without any problems.

Five things you can do with Sophos Firewall XG

So, what exactly can you do with the Sophos Firewall solution?

Well, that depends heavily on your goals. Firewall XG offers enterprise protection, response, and visibility components, with an all-in-one environment that makes it easy to consolidate and simplify your operations. With this technology, you can expose hidden risks in your network, with superior visibility into potentially dangerous activity, and stop unknown threats.

Let’s look at just some of the best things you can do with Sophos Firewall XG:

  1. Increase your internet bandwidth: Did you know that your firewall can also improve your internet bandwidth? Traffic shaping allows you to prioritise certain forms of application traffic over a specific internet connect. You can even subscribe to multiple ISP connections to get more resiliency and bandwidth in the event of an outage.
  2. Expose and isolate risks: The Sophos environment provides instant visibility into risky activity, wherever it’s happening. This allows business owners to regain control over their network in times of trouble, such as pandemics. What’s more, automatic threat response means that you can instantly identify and isolate compromised systems, preventing threats from spreading.
  3. Unlock new levels of protection: With Sophos Firewall XG, you get all the next-gen firewall features you could ever want, plus extras that you just don’t get elsewhere. That includes access to the Security Heartbeat application firewall, as well as complete anti-spam for email protection, DLP, and encryption.
  4. Access in-depth reports: The Sophos solution comes with hundreds of reports built-in, so you know exactly what’s happening with your network and users. There are even a special User Threat Quotient reports to highlight which users present the biggest risk in your network.
  5. Explore next-gen technology: With deep learning and intrusion prevention built-in, you can access a new level of firewall performance, unlike anything you’ve seen before. There’s even mobile support, so your devices can utilise built-in and app-based VPN options like SSL and IPSEC VP technology.

The XG Firewall also comes with XStream architecture for higher levels of protection, visibility, and performance. With TLS inspection, for instance, you get industry-leading performance and visibility on all of your network’s encrypted traffic. There’s also a high-performance deep packet protection system, and a fast-path flow solution for SaaS, VoIP, and cloud applications too.

Securing your remote workforce

As the workplace becomes increasingly remote, a firewall offers an easy way to keep remote workers safe. VPN technology is one of the most valuable tools that any business can implement to help their workers outside of the office thrive. Advanced VPN access comes as standard with the XG Firewall from Sophos, aligned with a number of other tools in the portfolio.

A VPN service for remote workers ensures that your employees can establish secure online connections no matter where they’re logging into your tech. The VPN secures the communication between the business network and your user, so you can have more complete control over how your connectivity system is accessed.

Advanced VPN technology from Sophos adds simple and unique technology to the remote workforce environment. For instance, the clientless HTML5 self-service portal makes remote access as simple as possible with assistance from the right installation team. There’s also access to the Sophos exclusive Remote Ethernet Device VPN technology.

Combine this VPN technology with powerful user and group web policies to help determine which applications and tools your employees access, and an Application Control system, and you can protect your team, wherever they are. Sophos even comes with high-performance traffic scanning to help keep you up to date of what’s going on in your network.

Implementing Sophos XG

While most firewall products force business leaders to set up and manage complicated policies across various modules, that’s not the case here. Instead, you get a powerful unified policy solution that allows you to manage, filter, view, and sort all user, application, and network policies.

With support from the right installation provider, you can accomplish anything. The Sophos team has engineered XG Firewall from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance for businesses of all shape and size.

With your Sophos solution, you get:

  • One console to manage everything: You can quickly and easily make a change to a single firewall environment and push it out to a range of other systems using just a couple of clicks. This is possible thanks to the Sophos Group Firewall management tools within the Sophos Central environment.
  • Access to reports on the cloud: Share your reports with other leaders in your environment. Sophos Central includes flexible reporting tools that enable visualisation of your network activity and security over an extended time. You get several built-in reports and tools to create your own reports.

Create the ultimate security solution

A firewall is often the first line of defence for most businesses. It provides you with a filter designed to prevent dangerous software and people from getting into your network. However, the right firewall can also do so much more than that.

With Firewall XG from Sophos, businesses are rediscovering how to build the ideal secure environment for their teams, with nothing but a simple and intuitive console at heart. This means that managing multiple firewalls, both for in-office, remote, and mobile workers, is easier than ever.

If you want to learn more about how you can secure your business, even in the age of remote work, reach out to Nice Network today!