Three key factors driving the enterprise mobility market

Whether you’re supporting a remote workforce, or team members on the field that need access to efficient and secure mobile solutions, Enterprise Mobility Management is sure to be on your radar...

Mike Mead


According to BusinessWire, the BYOD and Enterprise Mobility markets will reach a value of more than £37 billion by 2025. Ultimately, enterprise mobility is evolving into an essential component of any company’s strategy for digital transformation and growth.

Whether you’re supporting a remote workforce, or team members on the field that need access to efficient and secure mobile solutions, Enterprise Mobility Management is sure to be on your radar. There are many trends pushing the need for EMM forward, including the rise of 5G connectivity, which will allow for more powerful mobile connections in the business world. There’s also the rise of artificial intelligence and other new technology to consider too.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the three main factors that could be prompting your business to reconsider a need for EMM today.

1.   The rise of IoT driving mobility

While it’s not always easy to make predictions on how an industry is evolving or expanding, we can see a number of changes in the business landscape that are affecting the way that we use mobile devices. For instance, the Internet of Things is having a huge impact on the business world as we know it, with around 14.2 billion connected devices in the world right now, and 25 billion predicted for 2025.

With IoT on the rise, businesses can use mobile devices to keep track of their crucial processes in a workplace, set up and manage operations, and more. However, they need a system that they can rely on to keep these crucial processes in check. With EMM, it’s much easier to create a safe and secure environment for the IoT landscape.

For many businesses, an exploration of EMM will need to be considered before it’s possible to start looking at things like intelligent devices and connected systems.

2.   Cloud-based applications

One of the reasons that mobile devices have become increasingly valuable in the modern workplace, is that they provide access to various forms of productivity-boosting applications. Companies can provide their team members to access to everything from crucial documents, to an agile collaboration platform, using nothing but an internet connection.

With an enterprise mobility management strategy, IT team leaders can create portfolios of applications and essential tools that their employees need to stay connected on the move. With the rise of 5G, it will even be possible for HD video conferencing to be available in real-time. Some businesses are even beginning to experiment with mixed-reality tools like AR and VR too. Imagine having an augmented reality version of your office to step into whenever you needed to collaborate.

As things like remote working become increasingly popular, teams will continue to rely more on mobile apps than in-office tools that keep them connected to their desk. Already, by the end of 2020, 50% of the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely.

3.   Boosting the BYOD trend

Finally, the corporate world has begun to quickly adopt the trend for bring your own device strategies. Originally, BYOD offered benefits in the form of cost savings for businesses, and more familiar devices for employees. However, it was difficult for businesses of all sizes to make sure that the tools that their team members were using were secure. Fortunately, the EMM environment makes it easier to manage BYOD solutions from a distance in a comprehensive platform.

With a full EMM solution, complete mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile content management, businesses can embrace the BYOD trend without compromising on safety and security. IT teams will be able to remotely monitor, update, and fix issues with mobile devices and applications from a distance. It’s even possible to remotely wipe sensitive data from a device that is lost or stolen.

EMM and MDM solutions are helping companies to rapidly overcome the issues and concerns related to enterprise security in the mobile world.

EMM is here to stay

Enterprise mobility management has been a crucial consideration for businesses throughout 2019, and it will continue to have a considerable impact heading into 2020 too. As the workplace becomes more flexible and mobile, we’ll need a way to reliably keep track of devices and applications that our team members use on the go.

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