What is the ISO 27001 Certification and Why Is It So Important?

We believe that our ISO 27001 certification at Nice Network is great for increasing trust and confidence among our consumers.

Nikki Lee


Security standards are one of the most important considerations for any business. Whenever you decide to expand your network with new cloud connections or invest in disruptive technology, the first thing you should check is whether the security of the system meets with your expectations. In a world brimming with new regulations like GDPR and MiFID II, it’s important to remember that risk-based approaches are vital for modern information security and privacy.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways for a business to achieve secure risk management within their organisation. Here at Nice Network, we adhere to the strongest security standards, including ISO 27001, which puts formalities in place to ensure that the right thought processes are followed to protect against information breaches. Here’s everything you need to know about the ISO 27001 certification and why it’s so important.

What is ISO 27001 and Who Regulates It?

ISO 27001 is an international standard, recognised by businesses across the globe. The ISO standard is regularly updated to meet with the latest trends and expectations in the digital security environment, and it’s managed by the INAB and UKAS. There are many companies that are also accredited to evaluate and audit other businesses, and their compliance with the ISO 27001 rules.

Essentially, an ISO 27001 certification proves to clients and stakeholders that you understand how to properly manage the privacy and security of your information. The current version of ISO 27001 (the one that Nice Network is compliant with), provides a standardised set of requirements for companies to follow when managing information security. This standard focuses on a process-based approach for implementing, operating, maintaining, establishing and improving your Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

An ISO 27001 accreditation is essential for any business, large or small in any industry. The standard is particularly crucial, however, in companies where the protection of information is critical. Many banking, financial, public support and IT sectors are judged by their ability to deliver ISO 27001 security.

What to Expect from a Business with ISO 27001 Accreditation?

Businesses like Nice Network need to go through an extensive assessment process to be deemed worthy of ISO 27001 certification. To achieve accreditation, companies must show that they can follow the secure management system outlined by ISO 27001, intended to bring information security under the strict control of management-level employees within the business.

As a formal specification, ISO 27001 mandates very specific requirements, which means that all organisations with the certificate can be formally audited if necessary. When you work with a brand like Nice Network, you can rest assured that management will:

  • Systematically examine organisational security risks and take measures to keep information away from threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Implements and designs a comprehensive and coherent suite of information security controls and other forms of risk treatment to address issues deemed “unacceptable” for security.
  • Adopts extensive management processes to ensure that information security controls continue to meet the needs of the business on an on-going basis.

What are the Benefits of ISO 27001 Accreditation?

There are countless business benefits of accreditation with ISO 27001. First, since ISO 27001 is the de facto international standard for information security management, it delivers peace of mind as the ultimate strategy for managing security. Ultimately, ISO 27001 is a way for companies like Nice Network to show their clients that they adhere to recognised standards for privacy and security. ISO 27001 is also very valuable when it comes to reviewing, monitoring and maintaining information security standards within a business. Some of the common benefits of ISO 27001 accreditation include:

  • Our clients see our clear commitment to the Information Security Management of third-party and stakeholder data.
  • We demonstrate a framework that ensures the fulfillment of our contractual, commercial, and legal responsibilities as an IT company.
  • We set ourselves apart from the other businesses in our space that are unable to deliver services that adhere to the same security standards.
  • Our services are entirely compliant with a recognised external standard, demonstrating our due diligence.

We believe that our ISO 27001 certification at Nice Network is great for increasing trust and confidence among our consumers. In today’s world, customers and business partners from all walks of life need to know that their information isn’t being put at risk when they invest in new strategies for long-term success. By having the correct safeguards in place, we can show our customers that we value their privacy and security just as much as they do.


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