Why Cloud Backup Services are the Only Security Solution for 2019

Millions of businesses across the UK are at risk of losing their data due to poor backup practices. Here's how cloud backup services can help...

Richard Weddle


We’re living in a world where data is king.

2.5 quintillion bytes of new information are produced each day, and that number’s just getting bigger with the arrival of IoT and artificial intelligence.

Even if you aren’t investing in the latest disruptive technology, imagine what could happen to your future (and your productivity) if you lost your customer’s data, or your network suddenly collapsed? Could your business still operate, and how quickly would you recover?

You Need Cloud Security Services

According to recent studies, almost four million businesses across the UK are at risk of losing their data due to poor backup practices.

Whether you’re fighting off hackers, malware, viruses, or natural disasters, these days it’s less a matter of if you’ll have a problem, and more a matter of when. The good news? Cloud backup could be the answer.

Cloud backup services allow individuals and enterprises to store crucial data on the internet using storage service providers. This is a far more secure alternative to using a physical disk or hard-drive, and it ensures that your business can keep running, even if your computers go down.

So, what makes cloud backup so much better than the alternatives?

1.     You Won’t Need Any New Infrastructure

One of the things that make the cloud so compelling to the technology world is that you don’t need to invest in new hardware to use it. That means less money spent, and fewer hours wasted setting things up with your IT team.

On the cloud, you can establish an account and start loading up crucial files within minutes. What’s more, most cloud backup providers also offer automatic disaster recovery solutions, which save your data consistently, whenever you update the information on your drive. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there are no bulky tapes to worry about.

2.     Your Reliability Levels Go Through the Roof

When you access the cloud to protect your company data, you agree to a contract with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). In the cloud service contract that you agree to, you’ll notice that most companies offer something in the region of a 99.999% uptime reliability guarantee.

This simply means that if you ever need to access or restore your business information due to a disaster, you’ll be able to get to your data 99.999% of the time. Those are very reassuring numbers.

3.     You’ll Have Higher Levels of Protection

Up to 60% of the companies that experience data losses end up shutting down within 6 months. If you’re one of the many organisations that couldn’t last long without access to your crucial information, the cloud will give you the peace of mind you need. Cloud Service Providers like Nice Network go above and beyond to make sure that your data remains secure.

When you access our cloud backup service, you can rest assured that you’re protected according to the latest security standards. What’s more, since uploading information is quick and easy, you can continuously keep your restoration files up-to-date.

4.     You’ll Save Money

In today’s competitive marketplace, you don’t just need the cloud security services that are the most reliable; you need a solution that’s affordable too. With the cloud, you can unlock all the benefits of “scalability.” In other words, you get to pay exactly for what you use, rather than paying extra fees for services that you don’t need.

What’s more, your cloud service provider will be able to give you a fixed monthly price for your enterprise-level backup and recovery solutions, so there are no nasty surprises when the time comes to settle your bill.

5.     You’ll Make the Most of your IT Resources

Cloud technology allows you to remove some of the stress from your IT team’s shoulders and place it elsewhere. That means that your in-house experts have more time to focus on being as productive as possible and achieving your latest tech goals.

What’s more, if any disasters do happen, you can ensure that your experts are available to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Since the average company can lose over £80,000 per ransomware incident in downtime, it’s safe to say that speed is often of the essence.

6.     You’ll Improve your Compliance Safeguards

Finally, a cloud backup solution allows you to put your customers’ minds at ease by ensuring that you’re up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. Backing your data up in the cloud ensures that you have access to the most up-to-date security solutions to protect your organisation and clients from virtually any threat.

You might even find that your cloud backup services make you more appealing to your consumer base than your competitors, as around 68% of SMBs still don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that they can get back up-and-running after an attack.

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