Why is VoIP the preferred choice for businesses?

Whether it’s financial savings or improved productivity, VoIP is the clear choice for companies that want to maximise their communication stack.

Gary Luther


Any company concerned about maintaining cost-effective communications solutions will probably know a thing or two about VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most valuable ways to enhance your company’s interactions both internally and externally, without added expense.

VoIP uses the internet as a gateway for conversations, rather than relying on old-fashioned telephone switches. This means that your company can conveniently interact with other brands and consumers around the world in an affordable, reliable way.

So, why is VoIP the top choice for businesses?

1.   Reduced Costs

VoIP stands out as a more affordable solution for making calls. Rather than using telephone lines that require expensive contracts, your VoIP conversations are transformed into data packets sent across an IP network. The IP network could be a specialised solution with guaranteed quality of service, or your company’s internet connection.

VoIP gives businesses the power to make all kinds of long-distance and domestic calls with minimal expense. With tools like Teams Talk – a PBX solution for Microsoft Teams – companies can even use their Microsoft Teams client as a simple and familiar platform for VoIP conversations.

2.   Flexibility

Experts say that VoIP will be responsible for about half of all our phone calls by 2025. Part of the reason for this is the mobility that the service can offer. VoIP technology can grow and adapt with your business. This is a world apart from traditional phone systems, that relies on specific lines being assigned to specific phone numbers.

VoIP doesn’t suffer from the physical limitations of traditional technology. You can upgrade your VoIP experience whenever you choose, take your services with you to new locations, or use it to empower your remote workers. There’s even support to add new UCaaS features at a pace that suits you, including video and IoT integrations.

3.   Versatility

Using a VoIP phone system allows you to multi-task with some of the most technology-savvy devices, allowing you to be as productive as possible. Companies can access intelligent routing systems that help to move conversations with customers along faster. If you’re working in an industry with strict regulations, you can implement additional encryption for security.

With the right VoIP vendor, there’s no limit to the kind of functionality you can enjoy. You might even be able to combine cloud-based VoIP solutions with on-premises technology for a more hybrid approach to communications.

4.   Better Interactions

In general, PTSN lines can only deliver audio through cables and fixed lines. This means that your standard communications provider would only be able to offer a basic audio experience. However, VoIP is far more advanced. With VoIP you can send data packets over the internet that include video, text, and other kinds of information.

VoIP opens the door to better conferencing features and unlocks opportunities for businesses to invest in a full UCaaS experience, complete with standard calling features like call transfers and repeat dial, alongside modern innovations. VoIP customers can choose exactly how they want to use their system to deliver the best experiences to both clients, and employees.

5.   Simple and Reliable Interactions

VoIP is perhaps one of the most reliable solutions for conversations in the modern landscape. Some companies worry about the connectivity of the internet and the impact this can have on their communications strategy. If your internet stops working, the ability to make calls could go down with it. However, most VoIP providers offer additional features to protect against this issue.

VoIP failover systems means that if you ever have any issues with your internet connection, your system will automatically forward the call through a separate connection. These continuity systems mean that you don’t have to compromise on call quality or productivity just because of weather events or power outages in a local area.

VoIP is the Clear Business Choice

Whether it’s for financial savings or improved productivity, VoIP is the clear choice for companies that want to truly make the most out of their communication stack. The power of Voice over IP technology means that you can unlock a new level of reliability for crucial conversations with customers. What’s more, you’ll be able to protect yourself against outages and call quality issues too.

The key to success with VoIP, as with any digital investment, is having the right provider. Reach out to Nice Network to talk about how we can help you with VoIP, Teams Talk, and more.