Why VoIP and Microsoft Teams are the perfect match

As IT chiefs and CIOs embrace the 'new normal', Microsoft Teams and VoIP are proving the perfect combination for increasing productivity and efficiency.

Gary Luther


For some time now, companies have been rapidly shifting into the VoIP landscape.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective solution for business communications. It strengthens your global presence instantly, while giving more scalability and versatility to your team.

However, VoIP isn’t the only digital technology transforming the way that we communicate and collaborate today. Teams, the Microsoft service for instant collaboration over the web, is quickly emerging as the central solution for keeping employees connected and productive in a changing workspace.

For businesses moving into a more flexible space for operations, the combination of Microsoft Teams and hosted VoIP could be an incredible opportunity for growth.

Using Microsoft Teams and VoIP together

VoIP emerged as a valuable tool for companies in search of more flexible, global strategies for communication in the digital age. Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP makes it easy for companies to connect with people across geographical boundaries, without excess expense. VoIP also benefits from excellent reliability and service quality, provided you choose the right provider.

While VoIP offers a powerful way to interact with external collaborators, stakeholders, and customers, Microsoft Teams is one of the many solutions empowering internal communications. Offering a faster and more efficient alternative to email threads, Teams brings teams together no matter where the individual employees might be.

With Microsoft Teams, employees can talk via voice or video conferencing, screen and file sharing, and even instant chat. What’s more, the system fully integrates with the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, offering a fantastic way to connect the tools teams use every day.

How Teams and VoIP complement each other

With VoIP and Microsoft Teams connected in tandem, companies could effectively bring internal and external communications into a more aligned environment. Solutions like Nice Network Teams Talk bring communication tools together within the business environment to build a single, stable service for positive changes in the workplace.

The result is a single pane of glass for conversations, that allows for better business continuity, stronger team insights, and more immersive conversations. Just some of the benefits of combining Microsoft Teams with VoIP include:

  • Productivity: Having your VoIP strategy for external communication and your Teams solution for internal conversations in the same place boosts productivity. Employees can use a single interface for all their tasks, and access one environment to retrieve recordings, files, calendars, and other essential information. Rather than jumping between apps and tools, staff keep everything they need in the same place, reducing the risk of information silos.
  • Mobility: With a combination of Microsoft Teams for collaboration and VoIP technology, your company doesn’t have to be nailed down to a specific location. In a world where remote work is becoming increasingly popular, the combined tools will give you a cloud-based system for communication and productivity. Everyone in your workforce will be able to access the tools they need quickly, and efficiently, wherever they are.
  • Customisation: Every business is different, but with Microsoft Teams and VoIP technology working together, you can build an environment that’s tailor-made for you. Aside from accessing powerful Microsoft tools and standard calling features, you can also implement add-ons and integrations that are specific to your needs. You might integrate your communication strategy with your CRM tools, for instance, or build in a strategy for AI and IoT. There’s all the freedom you need to make your system suit you.
  • Budget savings: Office 365 adoption can deliver ROI results of up to 832% according to Forrester. The use of Microsoft tools and Teams will increase business productivity, foster collaboration, and reduce operating costs. Because all of your technology is cloud-based, you won’t need any huge initial investments into hardware and additional tools to get you started. Plus, you can remove features that you don’t use.
  • Scalability: With VoIP and Microsoft Teams, it’s easy to scale your communication stack according to the changing needs of your business. You’ll be able to add new people to the system and provision the tools they need within a matter of minutes – not days. Even rolling out updates will be as simple as making a few remote changes on an Admin system.

Embracing VoIP and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and VoIP are the perfect duo for productivity and efficiency in a digital workplace. As the landscape continues to evolve, a combination of Teams and VoIP could be the answer for any company in search of better business continuity, and lower costs. Interested in finding out how your business could benefit? Reach out to Nice Network today to learn more about our Teams Talk solution.