Dräger UK

A Nice success story...

Sector:  Manufacturing
Product/ Service:  A new mobile estate and data plan

The brief

Dräger UK, a global manufacturer of safety equipment, went out to tender for a new mobile phone provider mid-way through 2018. The company conducted a robust benchmarking process to source a new supplier and Nice Network was the clear winner, helping Dräger invest in new mobile devices and data plans that would allow the company to improve productivity while keeping operating costs at a minimum.


The solution

Once the contract was agreed, Mike Mead, corporate account director at Nice Network, worked hand-in-hand with the procurement and IT teams at Dräger UK to tailor an approach that matched all of their needs.

This included:

Stage 1 – We set various onboarding meetings to ensure a friction free transition, these included:

  1. Username updates
    A very simple and basic meeting, but with Drager boasting a significant amount of mobile users, we had to cross reference details to ensure the correct and updated user names matched all connections.
  2. Cost Center Allocation
    We also ensured that ever user was placed in the correct department by working with each arm of the company to ensure everything was correct.
  3. Spend Caps
    To control the overspend we placed individual spend caps on the account so users can’t spend over a specified limit.
  4. Data Caps
    After analysing the company’s previous usage, we agreed to place a data threshold on each user.  Once any user hits the specified limit, the user and Draeger IT get an alert to proactively manage the account.
  5. Billing Reports
    The previous contract had unpredictable spend costs, working closely with IT we produced a monthly report to identify high spend users.
  6. Accounts
    We had numerous meetings with Draeger accounts and stakeholders to ensure everything was set-up correctly within their department.
  7. Hardware
    After trailing various handsets so they were compatible with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and coordinating with Head Office in Germany, we agreed to supply the company with Samsung handsets.
  8. Vodafone Incentives
    Part of our proposal includes a 15% cost reduction for all Drager employees if they buy a Vodafone direct contract.

Stage 2 – Migration

We agreed a date to migrate the account to Nice Network and alerted users of the potential disruption.  Although it’s unlikely that service is effected by changing Vodafone providers we arranged a team at Nice Network and Vodafone to be on stand-by should anything go wrong.  During the change-over a number of users were migrated with basic calls and texts so had no data, we worked closely with Vodafone to get the services up and running within a few hours.

Stage 3 – Ongoing

Now that the easy work is done, it’s important to provide proactive management with regular face-to-face meetings and reviews to discuss continuous improvements to the tariff.


The result

Nice Network delivered all its promised products and services in a timely manner with no delays. The two companies have now been working together for over a year and both parties couldn’t be happier with how the relationship has grown.

Michael Gibson, indirect purchasing manager at Dräger UK, said: “As part of my role, it’s my job to go out and source the best deal for the company and Nice Network provided exactly what we needed.

“By working with Mike (Mead) and the team, not only are we providing our staff with brand new handsets but we’re also driving down costs, which given the current economic climate, is a huge help.”